Robert Blake’s Cause of Death: Investigating the Suspicious Circumstances of Actor’s Death

robert blake cause of death

Actor Robert Blake died at the age of 89, it was recently reported. He became famous for being acquitted of murdering his wife but he was originally renowned for his roles in Baretta and In Cold Blood.

What is known about his cause of death is included here.

What Caused Robert Blake’s Death?

robert blake cause of death

Robert Blake passed away from heart illness, according to a statement sent to the Associated Press by the actor’s niece Noreen Austin. Ironically, given his later-life notoriety as a true crime fixture, he initially achieved popularity for his role as murderer Perry Smith in the 1967 adaption of Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood. Robert was interviewed by Roger Ebert in 1968 while he was promoting the movie in Chicago. The actor spent much time discussing how he was not the studio’s first choice, which made for a fascinating dialogue.

Richard Brooks, a producer, and director battled valiantly for Robert. He said to Ebert, “You don’t know what this person went through for me. “He insisted that he wanted to cast me as Perry Smith over and over again. Paul Newman should be contacted right now, the front office kept urging. Brooks had to struggle along the entire route.”

He wasn’t familiar with Hollywood at the time and wasn’t sure if he would be welcomed back. He is the type of performer who will either revert to relative obscurity or slowly turn into a legend, according to Ebert.

Robert was cast as Det. Tony Baretta in the ABC criminal thriller series Baretta after a spate of largely forgettable movies. Robert became an Emmy-winning actor as a result of its three-season run. Although continuing to perform throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the most well-known court case was eventually what would draw the most attention.

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Robert Blake Was Accused of Murdering His Wife in 2001 and Was Later Acquitted

robert blake cause of death

After being married for almost 30 years to actress Sondra Kerr, with whom he had two daughters, Bonny Lee Bakley was Blake’s second wife. Bakley had a history of several marriages and was an expert con artist by the time she met Blake. She seems to be drawn to wealthy older males.

According to ABC News, Bakley met her eleventh and last spouse in 1999 while dating Christian Brando, the actor Marlon Brando’s son, at a jazz club. She gave birth to a girl in June 2000 who she originally believed to be Brando’s but who was really Blake’s daughter after a paternity test. In November 2000, they were hitched quickly. Bakley would pass away a little more than a year later.

The pair were enjoying a nice supper at Vitello’s in Studio City, California, on May 4, 2001. It was said that the evening started off quite normal but ended tragically. They left the restaurant after supper and walked to their car, but Blake apparently went back since he forgot his revolver. His wife had been shot twice by the time he returned to their vehicle. According to ABC News, Blake’s pistol was not the murder weapon, which was found in the garbage and was an uncommon antique revolver.

Blake was judged responsible for Bakley’s death in a wrongful death lawsuit brought by her children, despite the fact that he was ultimately exonerated of her murder in March 2005. He was given a $30 million fine, which was subsequently reduced in half.

Blake appeared unflappable when he spoke to ABC News nearly 18 years after his wife was killed. He told the publication, “I’m 85 years old, I’m battered to hell and gone, but I’m still here. His legacy is still as convoluted as his life was before he passed away.

Blake stated something that almost sounds prescient now during his conversation with Ebert about getting a handle on movie promotion.

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“I have no idea what I’m doing. I believe that being honest with people will be more effective than trying to be knowledgeable.”

Good counsel.

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