Robert Blake’s Fortune: Revealing His Net Worth 2023!

robert blake net worth

Robert Blake (born Michael James Gubitosi on September 18, 1933) is a retired American actor best remembered for appearing in the 1967 film In Cold Blood and the 1970s American television series Baretta. Blake began his acting career as a child, playing the lead in the latter years of Metro-Goldwyn-Our Mayer’s Gang (Little Rascals) short film series from 1939 to 1944. He also appeared as a child actor in 22 Red Ryder film franchise installments. The Italian-American actor was frequently cast as an American Indian or Latino character in the Red Ryder series and many of his adult roles. After serving in the United States Army, Blake returned to acting in television and film roles. Blake continued to work until the 1997 film Lost Highway.

Robert Blake’s Net Worth

robert blake net worth

Robert Blake is a -$3 million net-worth actor from the United States. As we will see later in this article, Robert was once valued at $10-15 million. Regrettably, after being charged with the death of his second wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley, in 2001, Robert Blake became controversial.

The trial lasted several years before he was acquitted in 2005. Nonetheless, Robert incurred enormous financial ramifications due to his wife’s death, and he was found guilty following a wrongful death lawsuit filed against him in California. Robert Blake rose to prominence as an actor by appearing in films such as “In Cold Blood.” He is also well-known for his role in the television series “Baretta.”

After beginning his career as a child actor, Robert served in the United States Army before returning to the film and television industries as an adult. Blake eventually retired after starring in the film “Lost Highway.” He has one of the most illustrious careers in Hollywood history.

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Robert Blake’s Early Life

robert blake net worth

Michael James Gubitosi was born in Nutley, New Jersey, on September 18, 1933. Giacomo (James) Gubitosi and Elizabeth Cafone were his parents. James worked as a die setter for a can company in 1930. Blake’s parents eventually started a song-and-dance performance. Their three children began performing as “The Three Little Hillbillies” in 1936.

In 1938, they relocated to Los Angeles, California, where their children began working as movie extras. Blake had a difficult childhood and was abused by his alcoholic father. When he started public school at ten, he was tormented and got into confrontations with other pupils, resulting in his expulsion.

Blake said that his parents physically and sexually assaulted him as a child and that he was frequently imprisoned in a closet and made to eat off the floor as punishment. He ran away from home when he was 14, resulting in several more rough years. In 1956, his father committed suicide.

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Robert Blake’s Career

Blake, then known as “Mickey Gubitosi,” debuted as Toto in the MGM film Bridal Suite (1939), starring Annabella and Robert Young. Blake then began replacing Eugene “Porky” Lee in MGM’s Our Gang short subjects (a.k.a. The Little Rascals) under his proper name. Between 1939 and 1944, he appeared in 40 of the shorts, finally becoming the series’ final lead character.

Blake’s parents also appeared as extras in the series. Mickey, Blake’s character in Our Gang, was frequently called upon to cry, for which he was chastised for being unconvincing. Blake was enlisted into the United States Army in 1950. As he left at 21, he had no employment prospects and sank into severe despair.

This resulted in a two-year heroin and cocaine addiction. He was also a narcotics dealer. Blake enrolled in Jeff Corey’s acting class and began focusing on his personal and professional development. He gradually rose through the ranks of Hollywood, portraying important dramatic roles in films and on television. For the first time, he was credited as Robert Blake in 1956.

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