What Was Tom Sizemore’s Cause of Death? Fallen Star’s Unfortunate Demise at 61

Tom Sizemore cause of death

On November 29, 1961, Thomas “Tom” Edward Sizemore Jr., an actor and producer, was born in Detroit, Michigan. Over his career, he participated in nearly 200 productions.

But his performances in Odd Days (1995), The Relic (1997), Saving Private Ryan (1998), and Black Hawk Down (1980) are unquestionably his most well-known ones (2001).

With Matt Damon (Captain Miller) and Tom Hanks (Sgt. Mike Horvath), he played the part in Saving Private Ryan (Private Ryan).

He said, “Someday we might look back on this and find that saving Private Ryan was the one positive thing we were able to extract out of this godawful s***ty disaster,” at the end of the World War II film.

Actor Tom Sizemore passed away at the age of 61. His roles in Saving Private Ryan, Pearl Harbor, and True Romance made him the most well-known. Charles Lago, his manager, released a statement on March 3, 2023, announcing his passing.

Tom was admitted to the hospital on February 18 due to a brain aneurysm brought on by a stroke, which put him in intensive care. He had been unconscious since collapsing due to the injuries.

What caused the death of Tom Sizemore? For more about his family and health before his passing, keep reading.

What Caused the Death of Tom Sizemore?

Tom Sizemore cause of death

Charles issued a statement with TMZ on March 3, 2023, announcing Tom’s passing.

“I regret to inform you that actor Thomas Edward Sizemore, better known as “Tom Sizemore,” died peacefully in his sleep today at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Burbank at the age of 61. Paul, his brother, and Jayden and Jagger, both 17 years old, were at his side.”

Although Tom’s official cause of death was not disclosed, it was probably due to complications brought on by his brain aneurysm on February 18.

On February 27, Tom’s manager Charles Lago gave People a preliminary update on Tom’s health. “The physicians informed his family that there was no longer any hope and that it would be best to make an end-of-life decision. A fresh statement from the family, which is currently considering end-of-life options, will be issued on Wednesday “Charles said.

He concluded by saying this: “His family would like to thank everyone for the many kind messages and well wishes they have received, but they are asking for privacy at this challenging time. This has been a difficult time for them.”

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Tom Has a History of Drug Abuse

Tom Sizemore cause of death

Tom has been open about his past drug usage; in a 2010 interview with CNN’s Larry King, he admitted to being addicted to cocaine, heroin, and meth. Tom further said that when he started a career in Hollywood, he was exposed to substances like cocaine. At the time, Tom said that he had opted to use the substance after observing an actor “whose name I can’t tell you” doing so. This decision swiftly developed into an addiction.

He also attributed his introduction to meth to his former lover Heidi Fleiss in the same interview.

Tom was most recently detained in 2019 and 2020 for “driving while intoxicated and in possession of a prohibited drug,” according to Page Six.

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Jagger and Jayden, the twin kids Tom had with his ex-girlfriend Janelle McIntire, are still living.

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