Tiger Woods’ Complaint Shows Ex-Girlfriend Erica Herman’s Ups and Downs: Details!

Tiger Woods' Complaint Shows Ex-Girlfriend Erica Herman's Ups and Downs: Details!

Court documents about Tiger Woods and his ex-girlfriend Erica Herman’s fight have revealed some surprising facts about their relationship.

Herman, who is 38 years old, sued Woods, who is 47 years old, on Monday. She asked a court to throw out a non-disclosure agreement Woods made her sign when they started dating in 2017. She brought up a law that says NDAs can be broken if someone is sexually assaulted, but she hasn’t said anything bad about Woods.

Herman sued Woods’ trust, Jupiter Island Irrevocable Homestead Trust, in December. The lawsuit was filed after Woods officially broke up with Herman on October 13, 2022, when he also told her “she was no longer welcome in the home” he shares with his two children in Florida. The Trust filed a motion to stop the proceedings and forced arbitration.

Herman says that she and Woods made an “oral tenancy agreement” about the house, which would let her live there for 11 years.

Herman says that during her relationship with Woods, she “performed services” that were “extensive and of an extraordinary nature given her overall situation and the environment in which she lived.”

Herman also says that the couple’s relationship is both personal and professional in the lawsuit she filed against Woods on Monday.

Tiger Woods' Complaint Shows Ex-Girlfriend Erica Herman's Ups and Downs: Details!

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According to the motion filed by the Trust, the only people who benefit from the trust are Woods and his children. The only asset of the trust is the home.

“This lawsuit was Ms. Herman’s answer to the breakup,” the Trust’s lawyers say in the motion. Herman says she is owed $30 million because the trust’s employees broke the oral agreement when they “locked her out of the Residence, took her belongings, and told her she couldn’t come back.”

According to the complaint, Herman also said that she had more than $40,000 in cash that was “misused.”

A statement of claim that Woods sent to the American Arbitration Association, according to Woods’ Trust’s motion, says that “there is no oral tenancy agreement that gives Ms. Herman the right to live in the residence.”

Tiger Woods' Complaint Shows Ex-Girlfriend Erica Herman's Ups and Downs: Details!

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The Trust says that Herman “began living in the residence” as an “invited guest” of the athlete and that “neither Mr. Woods nor the Trustee of the Trust ever gave Ms. Herman any ownership interest in the Residence.”

In addition, the motion says, “The only reason” Herman lived there was because she “knew Mr. Woods on a personal level.” The relationship between Ms. Herman and Mr. Woods is what made it possible for her to live in the Residence and for the Agreement to include the arbitration clause.”

Lawyers for the Trust say that Herman signed a contract agreeing to keep “any and all” disputes with Woods under confidential arbitration. This makes the dispute between the former couple even more complicated.

Lawyers for Woods’ Trust say that Herman and Woods signed an agreement on August 9, 2017, in which they both agreed that “[they] are giving up any rights [they] may have to a trial by judge or jury in matters that must be submitted to mandatory binding Arbitration.”

Lawyers for Woods’ Trust say that when Herman sues her ex-boyfriend, she is blatantly ignoring her “obligation to settle all disputes with Mr. Woods in a confidential binding arbitration,” which they say is a legal term.

In the motion, Woods’ Trust said it was worried about “the publicity that is likely to follow” the complaint because of how famous Woods is.

Based on what the Trust said, “Ms. Herman is trying to get Mr. Woods to pay her an amount that no arbitral body would ever agree to. We shouldn’t let people play games like this.”

According to the court documents, Herman is suing for consequential damages, injunctive relief, and attorney fees under the Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Act.

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