Inside Tiger Wood’s Response to Erica Herman Lawsuit: Why He Calls it ‘Another Shakedown’

Tiger Woods Feels Erica Herman Lawsuit is 'Another Shakedown'

“There’s a lot of stress right now” for Woods as he frets over what may turn out to be “another controversy” amid the ongoing legal saga with his ex-girlfriend Erica Herman, according to a source close to the golfer.

Tiger feels that this is another shakedown after hearing that Herman has sued Woods, claiming that he kicked her out of his house and broke an oral agreement to let her stay there for another five years.

The insider continues, saying that Woods, 47, is concerned about how this would appear in public. He wants to avoid another controversy.

According to the source, Woods thinks Herman, 38, is aware of her ex-worry boyfriend over yet another scandal stemming from a sexual connection. The insider claims, “That terrifies him,” and continues, “And she knows that because they’ve talked about it.”

The insider said that Woods is experiencing “a lot of worries right now” as a result of the ongoing legal problems between the ex-couple. Nobody desires that the specifics of a protracted relationship be made public.

According to the insider, the scenario is “a nightmare for him.

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Tiger Woods Feels Erica Herman Lawsuit is 'Another Shakedown'

According to the insider, “everyone” who is close to the couple “knew that last year” and that “it was evident that things had turned poisonous between the two of them.” According to the complaint acquired by PEOPLE, Woods broke up with Herman in October and informed her she could no longer stay at his Florida house, where he resides with his two children.

The $30 million Herman requests in the lawsuit, according to a source close to Woods, is “crazy.”

Woods “needs to consider if it’s worth paying that much so that this can go away,” adds the insider. “If not, will he witness her speaking with Dr. Phil? He’s attempting to defend himself.”

Herman requested to be released from a non-disclosure agreement she signed in 2017 on Monday, citing a statute that permits NDAs to be void in situations involving sexual assault. Herman hasn’t leveled any charges against Woods, though.

According to the petition, Woods and Herman “had a long connection” that included both their personal and professional lives. She is “at this time undecided what more facts about her own life she may communicate or with whom,” according to Herman.

Tiger Woods Feels Erica Herman Lawsuit is 'Another Shakedown'

The previous case, filed in December, claimed she had an oral arrangement with the Trust that permitted her to stay at Woods’ house for a further five years. The complaint contesting the NDA comes after the initial lawsuit. A defendant, Jupiter Island Irrevocable Homestead Trust, requests in the document that Herman’s claim be considered by an arbitrator.

Herman was only permitted to reside in the house while she was dating Woods, according to the Trust’s legal representatives. After Woods broke their relationship back in October, Herman was informed that she had to move out.

The attorneys for the Trust said that Ms. Herman brought this case in response to their split. When the trust’s personnel “locked her out of the Residence, confiscated her personal items, and instructed her she could not return,” Herman argues that the oral agreement was broken and that she is entitled to $30 million. She had more than $40,000 in cash, according to Herman, which was “misappropriated.”

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According to the court records, Herman is suing under the Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Act for consequential monetary damages, injunctive relief, and lawyers’ costs.

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