Exclusive: Tiger Woods Vehemently Denies Erica Herman’s Sexual Assault Allegations in Legal Filing

Tiger Woods Rejects Erica Herman's Claims of Sexual Assault in Filing

By seeking to escape her NDA by using a provision for cases of sexual assault, Herman is allegedly “creating lurid and malicious connotations,” according to new court filings submitted by Woods’ attorneys.

Tiger Woods is disputing Erica Herman’s assertions that she should be exempted from her non-disclosure agreement due to a statute that makes an exception for sex assault victims.

In fresh court filings filed by Woods, 47, on Monday and obtained by PEOPLE, the golfer challenges Herman’s case, in which she requested to nullify the NDA she signed at the outset of their relationship in 2017. Herman does not accuse Woods of sexual assault in the case, which was submitted last Monday, but she argues that the federal Eliminating Forced Arbitration Act should prevent her from being held to the NDA.

According to the records, Ms. Herman’s viewpoint is completely without merit. The goal of the federal legislation and those it is intended to protect are undercut by this blatant exploitation of the legal system.

There isn’t “a single mention to an accusation of sexual harassment or sexual assault,” according to Woods’ Trust’s attorneys, in Herman’s lawsuit.

Attorneys stated in the lawsuit that “Ms. Herman is not a victim of sexual assault or abuse. The document added, “Ms. Herman is instead a jilted ex-girlfriend who wants to publicly litigate fictitious charges in court.

Tiger Woods Rejects Erica Herman's Claims of Sexual Assault in Filing

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Herman agreed to resolve disagreements privately when she signed the NDA in 2017, according to the document, “as compensation for” the chance “to continue to spend time with Mr. Woods.”

In court records, Woods’ attorneys said that Ms. Herman “for more than six years, enjoyed the advantages of her arrangement,” and that she is “creating lurid and devious inferences” of accusations connected to sexual assault disputes.

Herman initially sued Woods in December, alleging she is due $30 million because he evicted her from his home before the terms of their “oral agreement,” which allowed her to stay there for an additional five years, had expired. She also filed a separate complaint on March 6 asking to be released from her non-disclosure agreement, citing a statute that permits the cancellation of NDAs in situations involving sexual assault.

Herman is furious over the breakup of their relationship, which was “stale for a long time,” a source close to Woods told PEOPLE.

Tiger Woods Rejects Erica Herman's Claims of Sexual Assault in Filing

Before things “went south” for the pair for “a multitude of reasons,” the source said that Herman “helped him through his injury and recuperation.” Woods’ “frustration about the injuries, some of which are not going to get any better,” according to the source, was one of those reasons. Woods’ golfing prowess has been hampered by injuries sustained in a 2021 automobile accident.

According to the insider, Herman “was more serious about a long-term commitment” than Woods was, and since she “was there for him throughout the entire process,” Woods’ ex-girlfriend “thinks that sort of dedication is worth something.”

Yet, the insider claimed that “even before the tragedy,” Woods was “growing restless” in his relationship with Herman.

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The insider added, “It got worse when he got over the accident.

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