Customizing Old Reddit: Personalize Your Experience

old reddit

Some Reddit users are dissatisfied with the site’s current layout and are trying to figure out how to go back to the days when they preferred the previous design.

There will always be discomfort associated with change, but if you’re wondering how to get back to your previous Reddit layout, this article contains all the information you need.

Quick Answer

Getting to the previous Reddit layout is easy. To access the old Reddit, all you have to do is type “old” into the Reddit URL to open it. Simply take the “old” out of the URL to open the new Reddit layout when you wish to utilize it. You can flip between the old and new Reddit layout in this way.

We will talk about why some users like the previous Reddit layout more than the current one. We will next go through how to use the URL to change the Reddit layout and how to alternate between the old and new layouts. Finally, we’ll talk about queries people have regarding modifying Reddit’s layout. Let’s move!

Why Do Users Prefer the Old Reddit Layout?

Reddit has established itself as the greatest forum for talking about a wide range of subjects.

Reddit is one of the most active platforms since it has several subreddits and millions of users who participate in the debates.

Reddit recently released an update that altered the design of its user interface. While some users welcomed the change, many others found the new layout to be inconvenient and would much rather use the previous one.

People prefer the old design over the new one for a variety of reasons, such as their inability to embrace change or their dislike of the new layout.

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Examine the following reasons:

It seems like you’re using the mobile app on your PC with the new interface. Some people find the interface unappealing since it lacks a desktop appearance and has a lot of empty space around the edges.

It is not a desktop-friendly layout. There are some people that find the navigations annoying since they are not well organized.

fear of evolving. When someone is accustomed to their old methods, they may not embrace change. Because they are not accustomed to the new layout, some users are not yet ready to accept it.

ugly exterior. Some people feel that the new style is less customizable than the old version and appears clunky. They find it unsightly as a result, and they are unable to tolerate the arrangement.

The new Reddit layout is disliked for other reasons. For whatever reason, you don’t have to adhere to your dislike—there are ways to go around this and go back to the previous arrangement. Find out by reading on.

How To Go Back to Old Reddit Layout

We recognize your desire to go back to the previous layout and how much you miss it.

The good news is that doing so is not difficult.

Proceed as directed below:

On your PC or phone, open your browser.

old reddit

Type “” into the URL bar and hit Enter.

old reddit

It will open the old Reddit, which you may use for your activities.

The previous design is still accessible on Reddit.

The URL is the sole distinction. The former layout may be accessed by appending “old.” You may access your profile and the subreddits just as you used to once you have the original layout.

If you change the URL from “” to “,” your new Reddit layout will appear and you may adopt it.

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Reddit’s layout interface has changed from its previous version.

You may go back to the previous layout by changing the URL when accessing it using a browser if you find the new one inconvenient.

Hopefully, you now have access to your previous layout after following the instructions in this article to open the old layout.

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