How to Use Telegram Web on Your Desktop? Explained in Simple Ways!

web telegram
One of the top Android messaging applications is Telegram. It offers a texting experience that other chat applications can’t match and is jam-packed with features. All of the main platforms support Telegram, which is compatible with top Android smartphones.
However, an app is not necessarily required to access the texting service. Telegram is accessible using any web browser. Learn how to set up and use Telegram on the web by reading the instructions below.

Can You Register for Telegram on The Web?

Only current Telegram users are able to utilize the service online. A new Telegram account cannot be created from within a web browser. To sign up for the service, you must use the Telegram desktop or mobile application.

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How to Utilise Telegram on The Web

You may open the official Telegram web app in your browser. When working on a friend’s or family member’s computer or utilizing a public computer, this is a convenient way to access the messaging service.

All popular browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox, are compatible with Telegram Web. Since it is platform-centric, any current operating system may access it.

You need access to a running Telegram session on your computer or phone. If not, you are unable to use Telegram online.

  • On your computer, open Telegram Web. On the screen, a QR code may be seen.
  • On your phone, launch the Telegram application.
  • Launch the Settings window.
  • Tap Devices.

web telegram

  • Choose Link Desktop Device from the menu.

web telegram

  • Scan the QR code that appears on the web for Telegram.
  • Use the Login by Phone Number option if you can’t access the Telegram app on your phone.
  • Put your number in.

web telegram

  • A five-digit code will be delivered to the Telegram app on your phone. To sign in to Telegram Web, type it.
  • Enter the password if two-step verification is enabled.

Similar to desktop and mobile versions, Telegram Web offers a seamless user experience. You may use multiple sticker packs, schedule messages, remove or update them after sending, explore channels, start new group discussions, and more. You may provide the web app notification access so that you are informed when new messages arrive.

You may save the Telegram web app URL so you can easily use it from your office computer. By doing this, you may access your chats and carry on your conversations without having to download an app to your computer.

You cannot begin an end-to-end encrypted secret conversation via the browser app, unlike Telegram on mobile or desktop.

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The Web-Based Version of Telegram Is a Great Substitute for Desktop

Use the online version of the messaging service if you often use Telegram but are unable to install the app on the PC given by your employer. When you shut the browser tab, your chat data is immediately wiped and is not locally saved. Overall, using Telegram on the web is comparable to using native desktop and mobile versions.

Check out the best advice for using Telegram safely and securely if you use it for crucial chats for a better experience.

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