How to Resolve the Roku Closed Captioning Issue? Demonstrated in Simple Ways!

How to Fix It When Roku Closed Captioning Won't Turn On

The use of closed captioning is beneficial. You have trouble hearing, you want to read what other people are saying instead of listening to them, you don’t know the language, etc. This is how to resolve the issue with the closed captioning on your Roku.

Learning how closed captions function is the most likely “cure” for them not functioning; interestingly, there are a few different ways to enable subtitles on the Roku, depending on the program you’re using.

How To Activate Closed Captions on Roku?

For closed captioning to function, you must enable a setting in the Roku menu:

Note: The typical method for turning on subtitles on a Roku is covered in these instructions. This activates the system-wide captions, which is why you must access the device’s settings to make it available. If this technique doesn’t work, check out the other suggestions at the bottom of this page because some streaming services manage captions within their apps.

  1. To access the home screen, press the home button.

  2. Now Go to Settings Accessibility > Captions mode.

    To access the captions menu if you don’t see Accessibility, choose Captions.

  3. Select On always.

    Roku captions mode options

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What to Do When Roku Closed Captions Aren’t Working

It really is as easy as the methods above suggest to enable closed captioning. Nonetheless, captions could still not function as you anticipate them due to a software error or an application that employs its own set of subtitle choices.

  1. Check to see whether the Roku has closed captioning enabled. Although it appears evident, they might have been switched off without your knowledge.

    To make sure captions are turned on, take the actions listed above. Instead, turn them off, restart the Roku, and then turn them back on if they’re already on.

    Tip: Do not omit this step. A reboot may be all that is required to activate captions, even if they are already enabled. Restart your computer by going to Settings > System > System restart.

  2. Make sure the caption styles aren’t too modified that they appear incorrectly. Even though you can’t see them very clearly, they can be operating well.

    Navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Captions style and make the necessary adjustments to the Text size, Text color, Text opacity, and other pertinent settings.

    How to Fix It When Roku Closed Captioning Won't Turn On
  3. If the app has a built-in closed captioning feature, use it. If you’re on YouTube, for instance, use the Roku remote’s up arrow to get to the little menu located directly above the progress bar. Choose a selection from the menu that appears after clicking the captions button, such as English (auto-generated).

    Certain programs, like Netflix, need you to utilize the down arrow on the remote in order to access the menu. English [Original] with Subtitles is one illustration of a choice available there.

    How to Fix It When Roku Closed Captioning Won't Turn On
  4. If feasible, use the captioning feature of the mobile app. If the service you’re using has a mobile app that supports Roku, check there to see if there’s a way to enable closed captions if the Roku remote or TV app won’t let you.

    Roku users may cast content from streaming services like Netflix and YouTube on their mobile devices to their TVs. When you do this, playback and subtitle control are accessible straight from the app.

    For this purpose, YouTube has a CC button, and the Netflix app and other streaming applications have a comparable feature.

  5. Try casting from the service’s desktop website, just like in the previous step. There should be a way to enable captions through the desktop website if it’s not feasible to do so through the Roku app or mobile app.

    How to Fix It When Roku Closed Captioning Won't Turn On
  6. Do a Roku update search. A system update is the only option to correct a bug, which may be the cause.

    Automatic updates are checked, but you can also manually check by going to Settings > System > System update > Check now.

  7. Restart the Roku. If none of the solutions above have resolved the issue, your only remaining choice is to do a complete software reset because a closed captioning issue is solely software-related.

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  • How do I fix Roku closed captioning that won’t turn off?

    Checking the system settings can frequently repair Roku closed captioning that won’t turn off. Make sure that the Captions mode is switched to Off in Settings > Accessibility > Captions mode on the Roku Home screen. You can also examine the channel’s settings as an alternative. You may always reset your smartphone if everything appears to be configured correctly.

  • How do I turn off the narrator on Roku?

    You may use a remote shortcut or disable the functionality in the Accessibility settings to turn off the narrator on Roku. Use the remote shortcut for the quickest way. To turn off or on narration, quickly tap the Star button four times in succession.

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