Is Tyler Labine Gay? Breaking the Silence on His Sexual Orientation!

is tyler labine gay

American-Canadian actor Tyler Sean Labine. The roles of Dr. Iggy Frome, the head of psychiatry, in the NBC medical drama New Amsterdam, and the film Tucker & Dale vs. Evil have brought him the most fame.

Is ‘New Amsterdam’s’ Iggy Gay in Real Life?

is tyler labine gay

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Actor Tyler Labine isn’t gay, contrary to popular belief. In an interview with Short Take, he verified it. I’m not gay, but I’ve heard that playing one on TV is difficult. To paraphrase, “You don’t want to overstep, and you really want the community to feel like you’re being an ambassador and an ally and you’re safe choice to portray a part of the community.”

Tyler did add that he felt more comfortable in his role thanks to working with openly homosexual actor Mike Doyle (Martin McIntyre, Dr. Iggy’s husband).

Furthermore, Tyler stated in the interview, “Which is why I could always count on Mike to be there for me. I could always count on him to answer my inquiries and reassure me in times of worry.”

A spinoff of New Amsterdam centered on Iggy and Martin’s relationship was even suggested. The couple has four adopted children from Bangladesh, thus the show has the potential to be a medical drama version of Modern Family.

Tyler Is Married to Whom in Real Life?

is tyler labine gay

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The couple tied the knot in 2007. While her IMDb page boasts credits from shows like “The X Files” and “R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour,” her last credit dates back to 2015.

They have three children together, but you wouldn’t know it from Tyler’s social media. His internet persona is almost entirely dedicated to his job-related pursuits. He’s candid about his problematic eating and his love for New Amsterdam and the show’s followers through the use of memes.

Even though Tyler Labine is not a gay man in real life, he is taking great care to portray Dr. Iggy Frome accurately. New Amsterdam airs on NBC every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET. It’s available for free viewing on the NBC app, Hulu, and Peacock.

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