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The News Pocket is a dominant news organization in the digital platform serving the audience with global and national news stories. We work hard and cater our best attributes to deliver valued content for readers all around the world.

Reason to Start The News Pocket

The digital readers today are dumped with information that might or might not be relevant. More than often, the readers require an understanding of the news as opposed to sets of information that is beyond understanding. They don’t just need to get in touch with events occurring at the moment but things that hold the potential to affect common lives. This is why we came together as a team to create more than just headlines. We are here to create news that comes with reason and conclusion, simple enough for the common man to understand.

How was The News Pocket formed?

A news writer is nothing but a storyteller. The only difference here is the fact that those stories are true. Now, there are two types of storytellers: The ones who tell it in an interesting and easy pattern and the ones who lack the flair for it. AtThe News Pocket, as a team, we were always aware of the fact that there is a great storyteller inside of us.

However, what we didn’t know was the fact that gaining popularity among our readers would be this fast. Within a year of its inception, The News Pocket reached heights of success in terms of readership and popularity. Today, we stand at the pedestal of quality content and accurate news delivery. All this was possible with the dedicated team effort and of course the loyalty of our readers for choosing us above any other news website.

Our Aim

Now that we hold a scalable position over the internet platform to dispatch important news to the readers, we aim to use our prime position for the betterment of society. We worked hard and will continue doing so to churn out well-detailed news segments with accurate information. We design stories that help shape the world into a better form as days pass by.

We aim to disintegrate the noise in the news content by providing it with a proper context. Journalism is focusing on the interest of the readers and that is what we strive to achieve in the News Pocket. We aim to become the pioneer of ever-growing digital journalism with a knack for storytelling to the social-native consumer.

PR Media Enquiry

We are open to accepting technology, software, gadgets, apps-related PR, and technology-related products, both hardware, and software, to review on our website. PR managers can contact us at contact@thenewspocket.com.

Product promotion on Social channels and product giveaways can also be arranged on demand. Prospective Advertisers are welcome to contact us. Terms can be discussed.

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