Who Is Elsie Pearl? Everything About Her Relationship with Finn Wolfhard

Who Is Elsie Pearl? Everything About Her Relationship with Finn Wolfhard

Elsie Pearl is an Instagram personality and film personality who recently came into the limelight when she was seen with Finn Wolfhard. The two have been seen around town, leading to speculations of dating, and the grapevine is buzzing with news of the two. So who is Elsie Pearl? Here’s everything about her relationship with Finn Wolfhard.  

Finn Wolfhard

Who Is Elsie Pearl? Everything About Her Relationship with Finn Wolfhard

Finn Wolfhard first gained notoriety on the 2016 Netflix show Stranger Things. The teenage heartthrob is a native of Canada and started acting in 2012. He was 13 years old when he started to act by looking up auditions on Craigslist.

In 2014, he debuted as Zoran in The 100, a show on CW, which was a major turning point for his career. In 2015, he got the role of Jordie Pinsky in the long-running cult favourite on CW called Supernatural.

In 2016, he auditioned for Stranger Things as Mike Wheeler and eventually got the role. The show blew up almost immediately, winning a SAG award in its first season. 

After that Flynn was seen in many famous works, including the horror cult favourite movie IT.

Other than his lauded work in tv and movies, Finn is also an accomplished musician. His band Calpurnia in 2018 managed to climb to the top of the Billboard charts and played on Jimmy Kimmel’s live show.

Though the group broke up in a couple of years, he released a track with the drummer named under the band name The Aubreys. The track was for a movie Finn was doing at the time called the Turning.

Elsie Pearl

Who Is Elsie Pearl? Everything About Her Relationship with Finn Wolfhard

Elsie Pearl’s real name is Elsie Richter. Her Insta handle is @ElsiePearl, which is why some fans know her by that name or refer to her by her handle. 

Richter comes from a Film Industry family and was born in England. However, she was raised in Brooklyn, New York where she continues to live.

Her parents are Mischa Richter and Dolly Wells. Wells is a famous British TV and movie personality and has worked with Industry giants. She has been a part of cult favourites such as the IT crowd, The mighty Boosh, and Bridget Jones. Her husband, Elsie’s father is a famous photographer in the industry. 

Elsie is an actress known for her role in the Doll & Em series on HBO which was created by her mother. She acted in the comedy alongside her brother. She has also voice acted in the 2019 animated movie Di Bibi

However, her mother Dolly has mentioned that her daughter is not extremely interested in becoming an actress as such. Today, she is a fairly well-known Instagram personality with over a hundred and fifty thousand followers.

She goes to school at the University of Sussex for a degree in English Language and Literature. 

Their Relationship

Who Is Elsie Pearl? Everything About Her Relationship with Finn Wolfhard

In 2021, Elsie and Finn were spotted at the NBA with Elsie’s parents. Rumours started flying around about the two dating, but nothing was confirmed. 

It seemed that the young Stranger Things actor was adamant about keeping it all under wraps. More Instagram pictures followed, including one that Elsie posted with Finn.

Eventually, Wolfhard announced in a now deleted video that the two were indeed dating. 

Recently, however, it has come out that the only reason he announced it was because he felt blackmailed to do so. 

In an interview with the Washington Post, Finn Wolfhard said that some fans got a hold of their personal information and threatened to release home addresses and more if they did not announce that the two were dating. 

Finn is reported as saying that to them it might have been a “power trip”, and that once they realise that actors are people too, it kind of became okay. He also took the opportunity to talk about the toxicity on Twitter, which is why he rarely is on social media

After the incident, the pair continued to keep their business to themselves, outside of a few friendly Instagram posts.

Recently, however, the two don’t seem to be posting anything and haven’t been seen together at all. Many believe that this is because the two broke up but simply haven’t announced it as the two like to keep it all secret.

Break up and controversy

After fans started speculating about their break up, a lot of videos started circulating Tik Tok, youtube, and other social media channels claiming that Elsie is a groomer. The video shows a text message chain where Elsie allegedly was texting a 14-year-old boy romantically. 

Considering that she is 19, fans were in an uproar. However, Elsie has since completely denied that any such thing ever happened, and many on social media came out to say that text chains like these are very easy to fake. 

Many surmise that this is due to the speculation that Elsie Richter and Finn Wolfhard have broken up. Fans started assuming this for a multitude of reasons. 

The most important one was that Elsie was absent from the premiere of Stranger Things 4, which was attended by the entire cast and their significant others. 

Fans also think that their relationship is in trouble because the two haven’t posted on social media about each other for a while now. On top of that, they haven’t been spotted together anywhere- red carpet events, interviews, or other occasions. 

Since Finn Wolfhard is a teen heartthrob, many of his fans have recently been very vocal about not liking Elsie Richter. They have been posting short-form content that allegedly shows Elsie’s various misdeeds. 

One of the videos that are being heatedly debated online is Elsie apparently mocking Millie Bobby Brown– the actress who plays 11 on Stranger Things, and Wolfhard’s rumoured ex-girlfriend. 

On one hand, fans are angry that Elsie is making fun of the young actress, as she is a massively successful character in the show. 

On the other hand, Millie herself hasn’t made a big deal out of this, and the two seem to be friendly, even sharing banter over social media.