Top Tips from Social Media Experts to Help Your YouTube Channel Grow Organically and Be Successful

Top Tips from Social Media Experts to Help Your You Tube Channel Grow Organically and Be Successful

Modern promotion strategy on YouTube is harder because of the current competition, yet easier as there are more guides to read and experts to listen to. Sarah Andress is one of the most qualified people when it comes to YouTube growth methods, and she is generous enough to share with our readers some tips and tricks that she considers the most efficient for this social media. 

Buying Stats On YouTube 

Most aspiring bloggers make two mistakes. They are either too afraid to increase video likes with a boost, and others think that they just need to buy YouTube likes and this will solve all their problems at once. The truth lies somewhere in between. Buying social media stats isn’t completely legal, and this can lead to certain problems. But using trustworthy services that offer real users to grow your channel quickly. Sarah recommends implementing paid services accurately and slowly in your strategy, so as to preserve the priority of organic progress. Purchasing likes and views cannot substitute real visitors who discover your channel and become fond of it.


YouTube is a search engine, the second biggest in the world. So, most algorithms categorize and suggest content according to the search terms and phrases. This brings us to the conclusion that for successful growth on YouTube you need to operate relevant keywords, which will drive the attention of your target audience to your videos. Discoverability is important for your popularity, so always use the most relevant keywords for getting the best possible click-through rate. You should infuse the terms in your video titles, descriptions, tags, and even in your closed captions, so the system identifies your content and suggests it to the user who showed interest in similar content. Such a suggestion system helps YouTube to keep visitors engaged for a longer time, using each second of them being there for its own growth and wealth. 

For you, adding top-related keywords to your videos is a way to meet your target group and get a chance to turn them into your subscribers. 


Modern users are quite a demanding lot when it comes to the visual quality of the content they are consuming. YouTube offers the opportunity to upload videos with up to 4K resolution, and as the latest mobile devices have developed enough to have pretty decent cameras in them, users expect great pictures, especially after they see lots of high-quality content from established channels. 

And it’s not only about the technical quality of your video. Today, people are more sensitive to design choices, because the attractive image is one of the main factors that help viewers to decide if they want to see your video. Your designs have to be recognizable and memorable, so users can easily pick your video in the interface. 


As it was mentioned before, one of the most important metrics on YouTube is click-through rate, which indicates how many people have clicked to watch your video after it was suggested to them in search results or recommendations. What actually makes them do that is a video title and, of course, a thumbnail. Sarah defines a few rules that secure a great thumbnail:

  • Always use custom thumbnails 
  • Choose minimalistic designs with bright accents
  • Don’t mix too many bright and juicy colors, balance the color scheme
  • Add at least one keyword or a small text that is reached with them, but do not duplicate your video title
  • Give viewers a visual hint on what they should expect from your content
  • Portraits are a good option too, use the picture that describes the emotional aspect of your video.


Since YouTube is a social network, it requires lots of communication for effective growth. First of all, you have to understand that the initiative is yours. Users rarely initiate conversations, unless it’s criticism. You have to offer them a topic for discussion and then steer the communication as it goes, maintaining the interest of your viewers and encouraging them to initiate another small talk under your video. 

One of the most common and working methods is to ask your spectators a question that is related to the topic of your video or ask them to share their ideas for your next content. And according to Sarah, it is best to duplicate this question in the pinned comment or video description. 

Increase The Watch Time

Watch Time is also a vital YouTube stat that exposes the overall time that people spent on watching your videos. To improve it, your primary concern is providing authenticity and value in your content. Also, you must work on your scripting and try to make users watch your videos from start to end. For improving your watch time in case you produce videos that are longer than 15-20 minutes, you can add clickable chapters to your video and retain the audience, letting them skip exactly what is not interesting to them and get straight to the engaging part. Such technique helps to expose that you care about the comfort of your viewers, so they begin to cherish a stronger relationship with you as a blogger because all people love seeing that you care about what you do for them.

Top Tips from Social Media Experts to Help Your You Tube Channel Grow Organically and Be Successful

Nowadays the internet remains in a phase of an incredibly quick interchange of trends on all platforms, and YouTube isn’t exclusive. To better connect with your audience and expand it, you have to watch closely the latest news and trends from your industry and beyond. Some of them can be a useful material for your growth, but some aren’t worth your attention. To distinguish these, you need to ask yourself two questions – is it relatable to my niche? Are there any ways I can apply it to my content and get more attention from my target group?

If the answers to both these questions are no then you should drop this idea and find something else to spice up your content. 

Analyze Your Progress

Of course, thorough planning is biassed to analytics very closely. Sarah advises her clients to keep their hand in the pulse all the time, paying attention to the smallest changes in their flow. Luckily, YouTube offers a good variety of analytical tools, but you can enhance your experience with some third-party instruments that you find comfortable and useful. 

And it is vital to watch your competitors too, for understanding how your industry in general is feeling and also find out where you should go with the authenticity issues. 


YouTube is a great place to start a blog, because it has a fully-developed analytical system, great content rating and suggestion options, and a certain freedom in content material, in comparison with other social platforms. What Sarah Andress stresses most is that on YouTube your original thoughts and thinking out of the box are the most appreciated qualities that can get you to the top rating even in the most crowded niche. 

Of course, starting a channel on YouTube is a risk, but devotion, thorough planning and quality investments in your growth will help you to gain popularity in this social network. What it takes is just to start!