Top Reasons Why You Need to Track Your Net Worth

Top Reasons Why You Need to Track Your Net Worth

Is it necessary to spend most of your time tracking your monthly net worth? Tracking your net worth is one of the best ways of seeing your financial picture, and at the same time, it helps you to focus on growing your net worth. First, this article will explain the following: net worth, how you can measure your net worth accurately, and why your net worth is essential to your finances. Futhermore, this article will explain what net worth is all about, how to track and measure it, and why it is vital to do so.

What Is Net Worth, and How Can You Calculate It?

Net worth is simply a single number that outlines the value of everything you own minus everything you owe. It is a snapshot that accurately shows your financial situation. Simply put, it’s the total value of your assets, removing all your liabilities. To those who might not know what an asset is, you can describe an asset as anything you invested in that generates income. It can mean brokerage accounts, personal capital, collectables, real estate, bank accounts, and other alternative investments such as cryptocurrency. At the same time, liabilities can be defined as your debts.

Calculating net worth is pretty simple; you have to sum up all your assets, then minus all your liabilities. If you find this challenging, other platforms, such as the Prillionaires net worth calculator, will simplify this task for you. This more advanced tracker helps you calculate your net worth quickly.

Why Is Tracking Your Net Worth Necessary?

Your net worth gives you a figure that shows your financial situation or health. What is important to note in your finances is how your net worth is over time compared to itself. Your cash flow and income fluctuate regularly, and it needs to account for the debts and the expenses you leverage against it. Then there are debts, which only tell some things compared to their value. For example, $10,000 in liabilities sounds slightly extreme, but is it wrong when it helps us generate more than $100,000 in assets?

That is what makes your net worth value. It is a straightforward metric to help you see your choices balance one another in your financial life for some periods. It allows you to manage your monthly budget and cash flow to achieve your goals.

Calculating your net worth also helps uncover the impact of less tangible investments in your business. Net worth is beneficial in making intangible assets visible. Sometimes it can be challenging to understand the implications of your investments if you do not have the desire and time to interact with them regularly. You can realize this if you mainly engage in portfolio diversification, which is a key to wealth. It is also worth noting that one of the proper ways of improving your financial health is by tracking your net worth.


Every successful investor needs to track their net worth. It will help you note areas you need to improve and where to invest more to realize more profits.