3 Free Ways to Convert PDF to Word

One of the most versatile formats is the Portable Document Format, which is difficult to modify and easy to print. You’ll undoubtedly want to convert PDFs to editable Word documents, whether you’re an office worker or a student. How can I convert a PDF to Word? Someone asked this question on Quora.

If you’re seeking a solution to convert PDF to Word, go no further than this post. To finish the PDF to Word conversion operation quickly and efficiently, use the PDFgear online and offline tools and Google Drive solutions listed below.

How to Convert PDF to Word Online Free

PDFgear, a robust PDF online converter, can handle PDF to Word conversion work. No registration, no restrictions, no watermarks. The only thing you need is a browser and a stable Internet connection. 

The biggest difference with other online PDF converters is that PDFgear has no limitation on the size and number of files you can upload and process every day. You no longer need to worry about downloading software to consume device memory because the whole PDF to Word conversion work happens on the web.

Step 1. Go to PDFgear online PDF to Word converter

PDFgear PDF converter is able to work on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Upload PDF to Online Converter

You can access to the PDFgear PDF to Word converter on any browser.

Step 2. Upload the PDF file

In the converter window that pops up, click the Choose files button to import the PDF files you need to convert.

Convert PDF to Word Online

The conversion will start automatically after you have successfully uploaded the PDF documents, and you don’t need to perform any further operations. Within a few seconds, PDFgear will successfully convert PDF to Word. 

Step 3. Save your Word document

Click the Download button to save the Word document to your local device.

 Batch Convert PDF to Word in PDF gear

Throughout the conversion process, don’t worry about your privacy exposure. PDFgear will delete the file immediately once you shut or refresh the browser.

How to Convert PDF to Word Using Google Drive

Google Drive might be worth a try if you’re looking for free software to assist you to convert PDFs to Word. To begin, let me state unequivocally that Google Drive is a cloud service provider, not a specialized PDF converter. So if your PDF contains a large number of images or tables, the conversion result may not be very accurate.

Let’s look at how to save a PDF to Google Drive as a Word document.

Step 1. Create A New PDF with Google Docs

Sign in with your Google account to access Google Drive. To upload your PDF document, click New>File upload. Alternatively, drag and drop the PDF document you need to convert to the Google Drive page.

Download the Converted Word

There will be a notification in the bottom right corner to tell you that the file was uploaded successfully, click on the file to open it. 

Step 2. Open PDF with Google Docs

Once the PDF file has been uploaded, select Open with Google Docs from the drop-down menu at the top, and your PDF file will open in Word format.

Open the PDF with Google Doc

Step 3. Download the Microsoft Word

You can edit and rename files as your need, then select File > Download > Microsoft Word (. docx).

Download PDF as Microsoft Word

How to Convert PDF to Word in Bulk Offline

The two methods mentioned above only support converting one PDF to Word at a time, PDFgear provides batch conversion feature for those users who have a large number of files to convert. Thanks to PDFgear’s high-end OCR technology, there won’t be any formatting and quality loss during the conversion process. Besides converting PDF features, this software also integrates the functions of editing PDF, organizing PDF, compressing PDF, etc. into one. Compatible with Windows and Mac, PDFgear is the prime choice for handling PDF to Word conversion tasks.

Step 1. Download and install PDFgear desktop

Visit the official website of PDFgear and download PDFgear desktop from there to your Mac or Windows device. PDFgear does not contain any malware, it is 100% safe, please download it without any worries.

Step 2. Add multiple PDF documents

Launch PDFgear software to enter its main interface, find PDF to Word under the Hot Tools category. In the pop-up converter window, click Add Files button to batch import the PDF documents you need to upload.

 Open PDF to Word Converter

To make it easier to find the converted Word files quickly later, you can choose a preset output file location. Please make sure the OCR button is checked, which will extract the text from the images in the PDF.

Upload PDF Files to PDFgear

Step 3. Batch convert PDF to Word

Click the Convert button at the bottom right corner to start the conversion. After confirming everything is ready, PDFgear will quickly create an editable .doc file from the PDF.

Batch Convert PDF to Word in PDFgear

The converted Word file will be opened in File Explorer, click to open it and start editing it.

The Final Thoughts

Well, these are the three simple ways to convert PDF to Word for various devices. Google Drive is a simple, free application that can help you complete some basic conversion tasks. However, it is not a professional PDF tool and the converted Word documents may contain sloppy formatting or missing graphics.

Then, PDFgear online tool and offline software is a better choice. It can finish the conversion operation quickly while preserving the converted file in the same format as the original one. So, don’t hesitate to give PDFgear a try.