Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’ 6-Month Affair Devastates Ariana Madix: Sources!

The shocking breakup between Vanderpump Rules actors Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix is getting more attention.

Although though it was reported on Friday that Sandoval, 39, and Madix, 37, had broken up when the TomTom co-owner strayed with their costar Raquel Leviss, a source has told PEOPLE that the affair had been going on for quite some time.

“This has been going on for at least six months – during that time, Tom was lying next to Ariana in bed,” a source tells PEOPLE. She was taken by surprise, and the word “devastated” doesn’t do justice to her emotions.

“This was someone she was sure she knew, someone she intended to spend the rest of her life with. The betrayal is beyond description, “, the source says.

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On Wednesday, Madix went to a concert in Los Angeles to see her then-band, boyfriend Tom Sandoval & the Most Extras. Kissing between the two was witnessed by spectators.

“She was showing her support for his new single,” another source said. It was all going on behind her back, and she had no idea.

On a different Wednesday, Leviss appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen alongside Scheana Shay, where she justified her decision to kiss Tom Schwartz, Sandoval’s best friend and business partner. Leviss apologized for offending anyone by saying, “I’m just trying to live my life,” before presenting Andy Cohen with a TomTom sweater as a gift.

According to a third person who spoke to PEOPLE after the tape, Leviss told Shay the truth about her and Sandoval.

“Scheana was enraged,” the informant said. “She and the other cast members of Vanderpump Rules have been there for Ariana through this tough period. They simply cannot fathom that Raquel would act in such a way.”

As for Madix, she found out about the rumored affair between Leviss and Sandoval on Wednesday when a sexually explicit selfie video from Leviss popped up on his phone.

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After that, she started scrolling and found all of their inappropriate text messages. When his set was over, Madix and Sandoval left.

“When Raquel was going through her breakup with James, Ariana was there for her. She had assumed that they were pals “that’s what the second source claims. “You wouldn’t do this to a buddy,” he said.

Earlier on Friday, a fourth insider revealed to PEOPLE that Madix and Sandoval had been having issues “for a while,” but that Ariana’s discovery of this “was the final straw” in their nine-year relationship. “She put up with a lot over the years, but she won’t sit back and be humiliated this way,” the insider claimed.

Madix, Leviss, and Sandoval have not publicly responded to the charges and could not be reached for comment.

Anyone tuning in to the Bravo show can rest assured that this situation will be explored further. According to a source familiar with the making of Vanderpump Rules, “cameras are rolling right now,” meaning that viewers will be able to see Madix and Sandoval’s breakup in the current season.

Video crews even caught Madix and Sandoval having a heated discussion about their breakup and the aftermath of the alleged affair during a Friday afternoon sit-down at their house. On Friday, just after the news emerged, photographers caught Sandoval loading his bags into a car outside of their shared residence.

Though several of the cast members have already shared their thoughts on social media, cameras will be rolling all weekend to get the rest of their comments.

James Kennedy, Leviss’ ex-boyfriend, reacted to the news by posting on Instagram, “I’m ill and I wish you all the same. Everything becomes clear now.” Another voice was that of Lala Kent, who wrote in part: “I was labeled a “bully” by everyone I knew. The title of this piece is YOU TRIGGER ME AND I SEE YOU FOR WHO YOU REALLY ARE. From the get-go, I could tell these two were vile.”

To quote her: “I’ve seen you for who you [are] for a long time, and you just don’t like it,” she stated to Sandoval. “But, I believe it is imperative that you stop talking right now. When we next meet up, I promise to provide a fantastic meal.”

When referring to Leviss, she stated, “You should get some food and drink to give me a boost. You can count on using it.”

Leviss made headlines for hooking up with Katie Maloney’s ex-husband Schwartz at Shay’s wedding before the cheating scandal was disclosed on Friday. The plot was hinted at in the VPR trailer for season 10.

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