Cannabis Edibles: Effects, Side Effects, and What to Know

Cannabis Edibles: Effects, Side Effects, and What to Know

Cannabis edibles first go to your stomach, where they are digested. They are then transported to your liver, where they enter your bloodstream and are transported to the brain. While in the liver, THC goes through two metabolism phases. THC is converted to 11-hydroxy-THC, which is a stronger form of THC. When it combines with the THC from the cannabis edible you consumed, it increases the high intensity. 

Effects of cannabis edibles

Cannabis edibles come in different forms available at a shop online. You can buy them in the form of: 

  • Baked foods: cakes, cookies, or brownies
  • Gummies: Chews, drops, or gummy bears
  • Beverages: Seltzers and shots
  • Candies: Chocolate bars, chews, or caramels
  • Snacks: Chips, crackers, or jerky

The cannabis research writer for HighTHC Shop mentions that the main effect of cannabis edible is the longer-lasting high it gives you. If you are a novice user, you might want to limit the number of edibles you consume at a go. Once the high effect kicks in, its effect can be much if you consume more. Cannabis edibles give you more beneficial effects, which include:

  • Relaxation: Studies have shown the THC in cannabis can give you a feeling of relaxation. The CBD in cannabis is known to relieve users of anxiety. 
  • Relieving pain: CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties which help manage pain from several conditions such as cancer, arthritis, and migraine. 
  • Managing muscle spasms and seizures: Research has proved CBD in cannabis can help relax muscles. The chemical has properties that help control seizures. 

Edible cannabis is often used to treat several other conditions like neurological disorders and digestive conditions. The products have potential side effects too. 

Side effects of cannabis edibles

The main challenge with consuming cannabis edibles is that it is harder to determine the right dosage. Based on the manufacturer and the amount of cannabis used, the amount of THC in the edible can significantly vary. The effect of edibles takes time, and thus the user might not know if they used too much or not. The side effects can be short-term or long-term. 

Short-term side effects are temporary and clear within a few hours as the high effect reduces. If you consume more edibles, the high effect increases and takes more time to reduce. Long-term effects can take several months or more, especially if you continually consume large amounts of cannabis edibles with higher THC levels. 

Short-term side effects of cannabis edibles

  • Loss of memory
  • The heart may beat at a faster rate
  • Users may experience mood swings
  • Feelings of confusion
  • Hallucinations
  • Paranoia

Long-term side effects of cannabis edibles

  • Development of brain fog
  • Reduction in motivation
  • Difficulties in attention
  • Challenges in learning
  • Problems with memory

The long-term side effects affect about 9% of cannabis edibles users. If you consistently use the right amounts of edibles, it is not likely to suffer from long-term side effects. 

What to know about cannabis edibles

Cannabis edibles contain THC and CBD compounds that you consume through eating or drinking. You benefit from the THC’s intoxicating and CBD’s non-intoxicating effects. The products provide you with an alternative to smoking or vaping weed. Some of the products such as cookies and chocolates may look like ordinary food products but they are not. 

The full effects of cannabis edibles take time to manifest. Cannabis edibles must go through your digestive system to be broken down and enter your bloodstream. Unlike smoking or vaping, edibles’ high effects take about 30 minutes or more to manifest. Since THC is further broken in the liver to produce a stronger THC, the effect can last from a few hours to 24 hours. 

If you consume more edibles at the same time, the high effect will be more and sometimes it can cause serious side effects. There are different kinds of cannabis edibles but you should take heed and consume the right quantities. Always read labels to know the amount of THC and CBD in each product. 


Cannabis edibles are consumed through eating or drinking. They come in different forms, such as candies, gummies, chocolates, beverages, and backed products. The high effect of edibles takes from 30 minutes or more to manifest. Over Consumption may lead to serious side effects.