‘Stranger Things’: Noah Schnapp Confirms Will Is Gay And Loves Mike!

'Stranger Things': Noah Schnapp Confirms Will Is Gay And Loves Mike!

There were various indications that Will Byers was gay and that he harbored feelings for Mike in the first batch of Stranger Things 4 episodes.

When Will gave Mike a moving speech about how important he is to people who love him in Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2, the show made it much clearer by claiming that the topic of the conversation was Eleven.

Things appeared to be confirmed by the way he sobbed after giving the speech, but actor Noah Schnapp is making sure there is no longer any misunderstanding.

In an interview with Variety about Stranger Things 4, Noah Schnapp remarked that since the first season, there have been hints concerning Will’s sexuality and affections for Mike. Will is gay, despite the fact that it wasn’t explicitly stated in the program, according to Schnapp, who cleared up any confusion.

'Stranger Things': Noah Schnapp Confirms Will Is Gay And Loves Mike!

“Naturally, it was alluded to in Season 1: Was it just that he was maturing more slowly than his friends? It always sorted off there, but you never really knew. They made it a very real, obvious thing as he’s grown older, “said Schnapp. “Now that he is openly gay and admits to loving Mike, everything is crystal apparent.

However, it had a sluggish arc earlier. Because it’s so simple to make a character queer all of a sudden, I believe it’s done so well. People have approached me. I was recently in Paris when a 40-year-old man said, “Wow, this Will character made me feel so amazing.”

And I could really relate to it. I was exactly that when I was a child. I was just so delighted to hear that. They are doing an excellent job of capturing a real character, a real journey, and a real struggle in their work.”

The writers of Stranger Things, Matt and Ross Duffer, have long been interested in Will’s narrative, but they have only lately spoken with Schnapp about it. Schnapp can now review previous seasons and recognize all the clues he first missed.

'Stranger Things': Noah Schnapp Confirms Will Is Gay And Loves Mike!

I wasn’t sure where the Duffers wanted to go with this character back in Season 1 year ago, he continued. “As a result, I was sort of understanding it together with the audience. But after talking to them and watching the show, I now understand their intentions.

Evidently, they also don’t inform me of anything. They will never share anything with me because I always spoil things for them. So I have to figure a lot of it out on my own. Later on, you kind of realize, “Oh, this makes sense, and this was intended.”

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