Dj D Baby Girlfriend: Aka Darian Lewis Death Video as Girlfriend Nishia Jackson Apparently Pushed Her Off a Balcony

dj d baby girlfriend

DJ D Baby, also known as Darian Lewis, fell from her balcony resulting in serious injuries and hospitalisation. Her death occurred a week after the tragedy, leaving behind her friends and loved ones.

Her mother, Terry, originally broke the news on Facebook. ‘My only daughter, my youngest and the only one of her kind has moved on,’ she posted on Facebook. “My heart is heavy and broken, please pray for the family.” Prayers and condolences were offered for the dead and her family in the moments that followed.

Despite this, many people are still perplexed as to what could have gone wrong to lead to her collapse. The rumour mill has it that she fell for a public camera by accident. There is information named Video of the death of a child DJ D spreading on the Internet. As far as we know, it wasn’t legal to distribute the footage publicly.

Furthermore, her family members will be uncomfortable with it because she is extremely sensitive. It violates the social networking platform’s Community Guidelines. However, he’s using Reddit and other secure sites to conduct his online research.


dj d baby girlfriend

According to social media posts, DJ D Baby, a Houston-based rapper, has died. Her mother and partner, both of whom confirmed her death, were also from Hutson, where the 23-year-old DJ worked.

Darian Lewis, a Houston, Texas-based DJ and businessman, had a bright future ahead of him. Her 23rd birthday was just two weeks before she tragically departed away. Lewis was born on June 24th.

Lewis began honing his skills as a DJ after he attended Texas Southern University and realised a lifelong ambition he’d had since high school. Having received a large amount of DJ gear as a graduation gift, she saw it as an opportunity to reinvent herself.

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What Happened to Dj D Baby, Alias Darian Lewis, Who Was Known as Dj D Baby in The Music Industry?


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Darian Lewis, also known as DJ D Baby, was hospitalised after falling from her balcony. In the end, she died a week after the tragedy, leaving behind her family and friends.

Terri, her mother, originally shared the news on her Facebook page. In the note, she said, “My youngest and only daughter has transitioned,” it read. My heart is heavy and broken, and I beg you to please pray for the family. Prayers and condolences for the deceased and her family were then offered.

People are still puzzled as to how she fell off the cliff in the first place. According to the rumour mill, her fall was caught on camera by accident. DJ D’s baby’s death video is making the rounds on the Internet, and people are sharing it. It is believed that it was illegal to distribute since it was allegedly tainted by CCTV video.

In addition, because it is such a delicate subject, her family members would object to it being shared. It’s a breach of the social networking platform’s community guidelines. Although Reddit and other secure venues are distributing it, it is still a problem.

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Nishida Jackson, Dj D Baby’s Girlfriend, Issues a Statement in Response to The Accident.

dj d baby girlfriend

Nishida Jackson Wrote About the Event on Facebook After Learning of Dj D Baby’s Death. Jackson’s letter claimed that she had decided to break her quiet, not just for the people, but for herself and the two of them. She’d reportedly been in a lot of pain and had been feeling down for some time.

Throughout the poignant message, she emphasised that she loved Darian with all of her being and was doing her best to protect her.

She dashed to the patio, and Nishia had no idea what was about to happen next in a billion years. Despite her best efforts, she was unable to save her as she climbed onto the patio chair. She heard it as she was about to collapse in front of her own eyes.

The post plainly states that it was an accident, despite the fact that Twitter is blaming the better half. No one in her family or circle of friends has said anything other than to express their grief at her passing.

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Nisha Shared the News of The Young Dj’s Death on Facebook Shortly After It Occurred.


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Jackson opened his statement by saying, “I’ve decided to conclude my quietness not so much for all of you, but somewhat for herself and me.” “I’ve been in a lot of pain and despair.” That’s what I mean. I’m completely smitten with Darian. I used to be trying to keep her safe from harm.

“She took off for the front porch. I rushed from the foyer to help her, but she fell before I could get there in time… “I genuinely heard and saw her fall earlier than my eyes could have registered.” ”

Twitter users were stunned by her demise and responded with genuine sympathy and awareness of her demise. However, it doesn’t appear that Darian’s eulogy can be distributed.

To honour her memory, Vodoo Seafood has to conduct a fundraising campaign on July 16. As a result of this, she died. Despite the fact that the circumstances behind the DJ’s death are still being investigated, no concrete answers have yet been provided.

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