Create a QR Code for Facebook Wi-Fi

qr code for facebook page

If your company has a physical location, like a restaurant or store, you can use Facebook Wi-Fi to help draw in more consumers by providing guest Wi-Fi. To enable guest Wi-Fi for your clients, you may instantly create a QR code.

Put the QR code in a prominent place where clients may scan it to obtain the Wi-Fi password and connect to the network. Additionally, you may use clients who have visited your business to generate Custom and Lookalike Audiences.

All Facebook Wi-Fi services, including comprehensive analytics, check-ins for repeat users, and customization options, are not available with the QR code. To utilize Facebook Wi-Fi’s advanced capabilities, need a compatible router.

Before You Begin

Your company has to have a Facebook page.

Facebook access is required to view your Facebook Page.

A business address or location must be listed on your Facebook page under the Page details.

There has to be a working Wi-Fi network and a connected router at your place of business.

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Create a QR code for Facebook Wi-Fi

qr code for facebook page

Using your PC, generate a QR code for Facebook Wi-Fi:

Launch the Facebook page.

Press the Settings menu button on the left.

On Facebook Wi-Fi, click.

Select “Startup.”

After selecting Print a QR code, click Proceed.

Click Continue after entering the name and password for your Wi-Fi network.

Note: Customers will need to check in again, but changing the password won’t affect your QR code.

Tap “Download.”

Get your special QR code printed.

Place it in a prominent place where patrons may scan it to retrieve the Wi-Fi password and establish a connection.

Your clients may check in to your Page and access your guest Wi-Fi password by scanning the QR code you created. Unless you update your password, users who have saved the password won’t need to input it again to access your Wi-Fi.

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Turn off Facebook Wi-Fi

To turn off Facebook Wi-Fi, you can remove the QR code from being scanned and change your Wi-Fi password to prevent customers from logging in.

You may modify your Wi-Fi password and stop consumers from signing in to switch off Facebook Wi-Fi and stop the QR code from being scanned.

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