How To Share Instagram Profile Link?

how to share instagram link

Instagram drew everyone onto its platform as it gained popularity. Do you want to know how to post the link to your profile on other websites from your company page? Or have you recently created an Instagram account and want to share it with others to increase your following?

You’re covered by us. We’ll go over three alternative approaches in this tutorial to help you post links to Instagram profiles.

Instagram does not offer a direct option for copying the URL of a profile, thus all of these solutions are indirect ways to copy the URL.

Now let’s get going.

Most consumers utilize their smartphone app to access Instagram. These techniques are more effective for you if you also copy your URL using your mobile app.

Method 1: Creating Your Profile URL

Since every Instagram account has the same URL format, you may certainly establish your own.

To carry out this,

Copy your username after logging into your Instagram account.

The URL to your Instagram profile will look something like

Enter your profile name in the username field of the aforementioned URL.

That’s it; you may now share your profile link from the app.

Method 2: From a browser,

To carry out this,

Navigate to Instagram using your browser.

Enter the name of your Instagram profile in the search field.

Access your account without having to log in.

Next, duplicate the URL that appears in the search field.

You may copy the URL of your profile from a mobile browser in this way. The same procedure applies to Android, iPhones, and desktop computers.

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Method 3: Creating another account

You may replicate your profile URL in minutes if you have another account by simply following these instructions.

how to share instagram link

Open your second account on Instagram.

Enter your username in the search field after navigating there.

To access your profile, click on the search result.

Three dots are located in the upper right part of your profile.

Select the copied URL from the popup menu by clicking the three dots.

As an alternative, you might ask your buddy to copy the Instagram profile URL and send it to you via direct message.

Bonus Method

how to share instagram link

Instagram has added a function that allows you to share your profile QR code.

To carry out this,

Navigate to your profile section on Instagram after logging in.

In the upper right corner, click the three horizontal lines.

Choose the QR code from the option that appears.

A QR code for your profile appears when you click.

Select the “Share” option that is located in the upper right corner.

You may now distribute your QR code to other apps.

When someone scans your QR code, your profile will be instantly opened.

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This is an easy way to use.

Make a copy of the URL using any of the previously listed techniques.

Open WhatsApp and post a status update with the link.

Wow! Your WhatsApp community will now be able to access the link to your Instagram profile.

Therefore, we hope that this post on sharing an Instagram profile link will assist you in sharing your own profile link.

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