How to Change or Reset Your PayPal Password? Explained in Simple and Short Ways!

paypal change password

You should safeguard your PayPal account with a secure password, just like you do with all of your bank accounts and services.

The longer and more complicated the password, with a mixture of upper- and lower-case letters, digits, and symbols, the better. A decent password should include at least eight characters.

Here’s how to update and fortify your password to keep PayPal safe.

Change Your PayPal Password Here

1. Start a web browser and go to The mobile app does not allow you to change your password; you must do it on the website.

2. Choose the Settings button (the gear at the top right of the window).

paypal change password

3. To access the Security tab, click “Security”.

4. Choose “Password.

paypal change password

5. Type in your current password first, followed by the new one you want to use.

6. Click “Change Password”

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If You Are Unable to Log In, how To Reset Your PayPal Password

You may reset your password if you’re having trouble logging into your PayPal account, perhaps because you’ve forgotten it.

1. Start a web browser and go to

2. At the upper right corner of the screen, click “Log In.”

3. Choose the “Having difficulties logging in?” link.

paypal change password

Observe the directions. If you know the email address linked to your account, enter it and click “Next” to receive a password reset email; otherwise, select “Lost your email?” if you are unsure of the address.

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To get a reset email, enter up to three possible email addresses on the following screen and click “Next.”

paypal change password

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