Peta Murgatroyd’s Exciting News: Is the Dancing Star Expecting a Baby?

A prominent Latin dancer with American and Australian ancestry, Peta Jane Murgatroyd was born in New Zealand. She participated in the dance show Burn the Floor’s Broadway run as well as its international tour.

Is Peta Murgatroyd Pregnant?

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We can exclusively report that the professional dancers are expecting their second child together. The happy news comes after the pair revealed their three miscarriages and months of Murgatroyd’s arduous reproductive journey being chronicled on social media.

The 36-year-old claims to the Media that it happened naturally. “I was pregnant for a long time before I even realized it until I started to feel awful. I used it to dance my way through Dancing with the Stars. I began to feel strange, a little queasy, and a little swollen, and I didn’t want to take a test for weeks.”

The founder of Peta Jane Beauty finally took a pregnancy test at “six or seven weeks” after conception and was shocked by the findings.

Murgatroyd, who is almost 18 weeks along, claims that it was the fastest positive she has ever witnessed. “I was just astonished because it just popped up so quickly. It’s been entirely distinct from my previous pregnancy. It’s not like I leaped with glee and shouted, “Oh my God, I’m pregnant,” from the rooftops. Yay!’ It was more of an “Alright, let’s see what happens because I’ve tried this four other times and it hasn’t worked” attitude. Consequently, I had a lot of doubts. For a while, I even kept Maks in the dark.”

The pair sat down with Reporters in June to candidly discuss their experience with infertility. Murgatroyd also disclosed that their five-year-old son Shai frequently inquired about having a sibling.

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She said at the time, “Some days it was a lot. “I was overcome with emotion because I was at a loss for words. The first two times I told him, I was a little hazy. I was not included in the entire “Oh my God, we’re having a baby” thing. Be careful around Mummy’s belly, I simply said. There is a baby inside of her.”

He sees other kids having siblings, so I guess that’s been another really difficult aspect of it, Murgatroyd said. The two-time mirror ball champion admits to knowing the gender of her unborn child, but she is unsure of when or if she would reveal it.

Murgatroyd, who is due in June, says, “I can’t wait. “I must be aware of those details.”

Murgatroyd is eager to display her baby belly to the public now that she has completed the first trimester.

According to Murgatroyd, “it’s going to be so good that I can just go about and not wear baggy clothes now. “I can post pictures of my entire body on social media. I’ve been working my way up from the boobs.”

She enjoys giving in to her desires, which often involve salty and carb-heavy treats.

Murgatroyd claims, “I’m craving salt. “Everything of it is delicious. I’m not in the mood for ice cream. Right now, I don’t feel like cookies. That might all change, after all. All I want is bread, spaghetti, rice, and other delicious foods.”

Not only them, but Maks’ brother Val Chmerkovskiy, 36, and wife Jenna Johnson, 28, also announced last week that they had welcomed their first child on January 10.

She adds that her son Shai is “over the moon” at the wonderful news, calling it “simply a blessing at the end of the year” for her family. “Just a whirlwind, really. truly the biggest blessing for us.”

The soon-to-be mother of two is glad for a successful conclusion after experiencing a challenging year in her quest to conceive as 2023 ushers in a new chapter.

“I literally prayed to the gods about this, but it’s odd because I had already let [the thought of motherhood] go at that point. I was going to make a call. In order to restart my second round of IVF, I phoned the doctor and let it go. In other words, I thought, “If I only have one child for the rest of my life, I better be happy with it.”

“I think that was also a catalyst for me, for my body, my mind, and my soul to let it go and to move on and not have this lingering feeling inside of me that I needed more,” she claims. And to simply be appreciative of what I have.

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