Coley Laffoon Celebrates His Son Homer’s 21st Birthday Alongside an Event Honoring His Late Wife, Anne Heche!

Coley Laffoon Celebrates His Son Homer's 21st Birthday Alongside an Event Honoring His Late Wife, Anne Heche

Coleman “Coley” Laffoon is commemorating the 21st birthday of his son Homer while also remembering his late ex-wife and Homer’s mother, Anne Heche.

Coley, 49, published a collection of pictures of his son over the years in honor of the significant occasion on Thursday, including shots of the two laughing in a car and posing in front of San Francisco’s Ferry Building.

21 years. flies by. Before you know it, the once-in-a-lifetime journey has turned into two “He wrote the Instagram caption. “Inseparable in that what is in one is also in the other; intertwined. As much as he is in me, Homer is also in me. It is built in.”

“We’re spending two nights in San Francisco as part of a father-son trip honoring this milestone of becoming adulthood. He overcame his obstacles in his own way “He went on. “Not much more can be asked. has a promising new job, wonderful friends, and is a caring brother and son. I hope that comes out in the faces in these images. He’s doing fantastically, which is wonderful.”

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Coley, 48, paid tribute to the late actress. Coley and Heche were married from 2001 until 2009.

It’s impossible for him to shut his eyes without picturing @anneheche zipping through space, passing by Northern California, and grinning a knowing but still vulnerable smile as she passes.

He went on: “He’s decent, Anne. I appreciate you giving him your trust. It will continue to be fantastic. I swear.”

Heche was one of the people Coley thanked, but he also thanked his wife Alexi for “holding down the fort in her third trimester with three little children at home because she believes in this father-son time and supports us with every fiber of her heart and body.”

On his Instagram Stories, Coley also celebrated his son’s birthday by writing, “Today, Homer turns 21. Seems like a major event.”

Coley Laffoon Celebrates His Son Homer's 21st Birthday Alongside an Event Honoring His Late Wife, Anne Heche

The memorial service occurs nearly seven months after the 53-year-old Emmy Award-winning actress was hurt in a terrible vehicle accident on August 5.

The actress was pronounced legally dead in the state of California on August 11 after being in a coma for about a week. To ensure that her organs could be donated in accordance with her wishes, her heartbeat was until August 14th.

“Today we lost a bright light, a kind and most joyous soul, a loving mother, and a faithful friend,” a representative for the celebrity said in a statement to PEOPLE at the time. “While Anne will be sorely missed, she continues to influence society through her endearing boys, her legendary body of work, and fierce activism. Her courage in always speaking the truth and sharing her message of acceptance and love will have an everlasting effect.”

At the time, Coley also paid a moving homage to his ex-girlfriend.

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Coley Laffoon Celebrates His Son Homer's 21st Birthday Alongside an Event Honoring His Late Wife, Anne Heche

“He stated in an Instagram Reel, “I loved her and I mourn her, and I always will. Homer is okay. Of course, he is grieving, and it is difficult. As most people would probably assume, it’s incredibly difficult. He is, however, supported by family, strong, and will survive.”

About Heche, the Compass real estate advisor added: “I’d like to believe she is pain-free and enjoying whatever comes next on her journey. She arrived in a hurry and was quite talkative. She was courageous and daring, loved fiercely, and was never afraid to express her opinions and her convictions to us.”

“Love was central to everything; it was constant. So, Anne, goodbye. Thank you; I love you. Thank you for the numerous enjoyable moments. I have our son; we’ll talk to you on the other side. He will be okay. adore you “Finally, he said.

Heche’s son Homer and her ex James Tupper, with whom she shares 13-year-old son Atlas, became involved in a court dispute in the months after her passing. Homer was afterward appointed as the estate’s general administrator.

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