Kate Bosworth and Justin Long Are Married, Right? Couple Shown Wearing Rings on Their Fingers

Kate Bosworth and Justin Long Are Married, Right? Couple Shown Wearing Rings on Their Fingers!

Is it true that Kate Bosworth and Justin Long are married?

On the May 9 episode of his Life is Short podcast, Long confirmed their marriage by referring to Bosworth as his “now-wife.”

He told his guest, Kyra Sedgwick, “I was there while I was like really falling in love with her and so she came to visit and I had never been comfortable with… well-set visits I was never crazy about.” Separating the relationship from the, uh, I don’t know, was something I enjoyed. But it was wonderful to have her there, and we had a wonderful time together.

In a picture uploaded on Sunday, both the 44-year-old Barbarian actor and the 40-year-old Force of Nature star wore bands on their ring fingers. Bosworth posted a snapshot to Instagram on Mother’s Day that featured herself, Long, and two other people.

The Los Angeles native also displayed her mother, Patricia Bosworth, whom she referred to as “the anchor to my shore.”

She posted a photo of herself and her mother to Instagram with the caption, “Love you so much, mama.” You are the one constant in my life and the driving force behind all of my endeavors. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Kate Bosworth and Justin Long Are Married, Right? Couple Shown Wearing Rings on Their Fingers!

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She also sent a snapshot to her mum to show her appreciation. “She’s so airy! She remarked, “My mother is the sole ancestor of my heart’s love.” “I’ve never met anyone so generous, friendly, and caring.”

More than a year after they first ignited romance rumors while spending time together in Los Angeles, the couple confirmed their engagement during an episode of Long’s Life is Short podcast in April.

“I thought it was the most romantic, honest, and loving proposal,” Bosworth said of Long’s proposal.

According to Long, the event “felt so organic” and was “connected to something very, very deeply, profoundly personal that we were going through — like, a real-life change,” which is why it “came out in a very organic way.”

When Bosworth turned 40 in January, the actor “had a special thing planned around” it, he said. Yet, as he put it, “Things change, and sometimes they change pretty drastically without any warnings.”

In addition, the Blue Crush star said that they “had just gone through this really hard thing and we had spoken to a therapist.”

At the time, “we were trying to move through things, and she gave us a really great piece of advice, which was, ‘Make sure that you’re pretty consistently asking the other what you need, or asking the other what they need,’ ” he said.

Kate Bosworth and Justin Long Are Married, Right? Couple Shown Wearing Rings on Their Fingers!

Not too many mornings had passed since we had finished therapy when I woke up and glanced at Justin. I gave you a friendly nod and asked, “What are you in need of?” To continue, Bosworth said. And with those unmistakable eyes of his, he said, “To spend my life with you.”

And with a grin on my face, I agreed, “Well, certainly, you have that. She described how he told her, “Oh my gosh, you have that, and then he clarified, “No, I mean I really want to spend my life with you.”

“It was the simplest… The words came forth so easily,” Long elaborated.

It wasn’t until May 2022, when Long posted a series of selfies with Bosworth holding a pint of Guinness, that the couple’s existence became widely known. She responded to his tweet with, “I’m the luckiest..”

After sharing their exciting news with the world on April 20, the couple made their first public appearance together and spoke with PEOPLE about their upcoming nuptials.

“People have been so incredibly nice and encouraging. Just random people out there… I was returning my shopping cart to the store the other day when the cashier remarked, “I’ll take it, and oh, and congratulations.” I remember thinking that maybe she was talking about my new MTV movie or something I had recently purchased,” says Long. “I uttered a simple “Thank you. But for such a long time, I’ve felt as close to someone as you can feel them to be. That’s how I felt about Kate, and it doesn’t make me feel all that unique. For a long time, I felt a very strong bond with her, and that has only made things better.

“Yeah, it was really, it was super overwhelming,” Bosworth elaborates. As I indicated in my Instagram post, I have no idea how to make such an announcement. Funny, because ordinarily, I assume individuals would tell their friends and family, but there comes a time when you’re out in the public arena when it’s time to share something with the world.

As she proceeded, the actress said, “I guess the simplest way is just to say how excited we are to be embarking on the next chapter.”

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Kate Bosworth and Justin Long Are Married, Right? Couple Shown Wearing Rings on Their Fingers!

Long continued, “I just have always felt so close to her and loved being with her regardless of what our labels and status are, but it has been really nice to see people’s receptions now that, it’s been really heartwarming.”

Being “in love” is “such a wonderful feeling,” Long said early in their relationship on the Dear Chelsea podcast.

“There’s something about it, for me, that I feel like I need to protect and keep sacred because it feels sacred,” he told Chelsea Handler. I’ve never had anything like this, and I’ve never had anything like this happen to me. That’s why it’s so important to me to maintain it safe and sound.

Long is tying the knot for the first time, while Bosworth is remarrying after divorcing Michael Polish in August 2013. In August of 2021, the actress revealed that she and Polish, 52, had separated.

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