Ja Morant Says the Gun Shown on His Instagram Live Is Not His: “I Placed Myself in A Poor Situation”

Ja Morant Says the Gun Shown on His Instagram Live Is Not His: "I Placed Myself in A Poor Situation"

In a sit-down interview with Jalen Rose on Wednesday, Ja Morant discussed his recent suspension from the NBA while denying ownership of the pistol he held up in a Colorado nightclub.

The 23-year-old NBA player, who is presently suspended for eight games for brandishing a gun in a Denver nightclub on an Instagram Live video, informed Rose that the gun in the video did not belong to him and acknowledged the possible damage his actions could do to the league.

Morant stated, “The weapon wasn’t mine.” I do not condone any form of violence, but I accept full responsibility for my acts.

Morant claimed he “made a big mistake” by posting the video, adding, “In the future, I’m going to show everyone who Ja truly is, what I’m about, and rewrite this narrative.”

Ja Morant Says the Gun Shown on His Instagram Live Is Not His: "I Placed Myself in A Poor Situation"

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The Memphis Grizzlies player disclosed that he has been actively engaged in various sorts of therapy, such as working with a talk therapist and receiving Reiki treatment. Morant stated, “I’ve been practicing anxiety breathing and other techniques to help me control my anxiety and release it from my body.”

“I put myself and my daughter [Kaari Morant, 3] in a difficult position,” he told Rose during the interview. “Occasionally, she will tell me if she’s had a horrible day. I felt that if she could tell me that, I could also go and speak with someone.”


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Friday night, following the Grizzlies’ 113-97 loss to the Denver Nuggets, Morant began an Instagram Live broadcast. In the footage, he looked to be shirtless and smiling while holding a revolver in his left hand while partying in a bar.

ESPN quotes NBA spokesperson Mike Bass as saying the league was “aware of a social media post” and “investigating” the event following the release of the video.

In a statement acquired by NBA writer Adrian Wojnarowski, Morant apologized for his conduct on Saturday. Morant stated, “I accept full responsibility for my conduct last night.” “I apologize for disappointing my family, teammates, coaches, fans, partners, the city of Memphis, and the whole Grizzlies organization.”

Morant has been the target of multiple assault allegations in recent months.

According to an article published by The Washington Post earlier this month, Morant allegedly participated in two altercations last summer.

After an encounter in the parking lot of a Memphis mall, Morant allegedly “threatened” the head of security, prompting the security chief to file a police report. In the second incident, a teenager informed police that Morant hit him during a pickup basketball game at Morant’s home.

The NBA said that Morant will be allowed to play Monday against the Dallas Mavericks for Memphis.

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