Is Pierson Pregnant? Addressing Pregnancy Speculations!

is pierson pregnant

In the world of social media influencers, followers are always eager to learn the most recent information regarding their favored personalities. Recently, rumors have circulated about the renowned content creator Pierson. Numerous online platforms have been abuzz with rumors regarding her possible pregnancy, leaving admirers eager for answers. This article will examine the details and the truth behind the allegations.

Is Pierson Pregnant?

is pierson pregnant

No, Pierson is not pregnant. She posted a photo of herself and her beau Brent Rivera with a fake baby bump on social media. This led fans to believe that she is expectant. However, she is not expectant at this time. If she becomes expectant in the future, you will be informed.

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Who Is Pierson Wodzynski Dating Now?

is pierson pregnant

Pierson Wodzynski is dating Brent Rivera. Fans venerate this couple, who are even referred to as Brierson.

Brent Austin Rivera, also known as Brent Rivera, is an American YouTuber, actor, content creator, and provocateur who is 24 years old. His career as a content creator began on Vine, and he rose to prominence as a result of his videos on the now-defunct video streaming platform. To expand his audience, he began creating content for YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

Amp Studios is a content creation collective and digital talent incubator that was founded by Brent. His father is a firefighter and his name is John Rivera. Laura Rivera is the name of Brent’s mother, and she is a teacher. Brent has three siblings named Blake, Lexi, and Brice who are also social media personalities.

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How They Met and The Timeline

is pierson pregnant

Since the month of December 2019, Brent and Pierson have been exceedingly close. Pierson met Brent when he and his sister Lexi Rivera appeared on the Awesomeness television program Date Take Over. In one of the episodes, Lexi gains control over Brent’s social life, and as a result, she chooses a girlfriend for Brent from a pool of six women.

Lexi ultimately selects Pierson for Brent. Since then, Pierson and Brent have formed an inseparable relationship. They filmed a large number of videos with playful captions that alluded to their relationship status. They went on numerous excursions and were even married for 24 hours.

Since day one, fans have admired this couple and desire to see them take their relationship to the next level. Regarding their relationship, neither Brent nor Pierson has provided any official confirmation. Nevertheless, it is evident from their videos that they are in a romantic relationship.

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