Is Brent Rivera Gay? The Truth About His Sexual Identity!

is brent rivera gay

Social media stars like Brent Rivera have millions of fans in today’s digital world. Curiosity about a celebrity’s personal life, like that of any other, is common. Brent Rivera’s sexual orientation is a frequently asked question. We’ll go into the matter in this piece, taking a closer look at his personal life and putting light on the reality.

Is Brent Rivera a Gay?

is brent rivera gay

Brent Rivera has been labeled as gay numerous times while receiving public praise and criticism. In retrospect, he was labeled gay because of his lively personality and slim body form.

He is still under the agonizing pressure of his critics who want to delve into his personal life. They are delicate in making very broad conclusions about a young social star like him. Brent is the type of guy that can make any girl go crazy, and many of his female followers wish to date him and get to know him in person. Regardless, his female fans are interested in discovering more about his sexual orientation. He is straight, not gay, is the simple answer.

Brent had been hinting about his single status since 2014. However, as time passed, fresh evidence emerged, and no one paid attention to his vibes.

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Currently, Brent Rivera Is Dating Fellow You Tuber Pierson Wodzynski

is brent rivera gay

Those intending to take a shot at Brent may have to reconsider their plans. Brent has been dating YouTuber Pierson Wodzynski since 2020.

Pierson rose to prominence with her TikTok dance and lip-synching videos. Pierson was able to advance her career by securing numerous brand relationships, including one with Colgate.

Brent and Pierson met on the dating show Date Takeover, which included Brent’s younger sister Lexi deciding who would date Brent.

Pierson ruled supreme, despite the fact that they never dated at the time – Brent was dating his ex-girlfriend YouTuber Eva Gutowski.

Brent and Pierson kept their connection after the show, frequently appearing in social posts on their own pages. However, once Brent and Eva split up, Brent and Pierson began a relationship.

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Brent Rivera Dated Morgan Justus in Addition to Eva Gutowski

Brent has made contacts with social media influencers. Brent and Morgan Justus first became a thing in June 2017. Unfortunately, their romance was short-lived, and the couple split up in October of that year.

Surprisingly, there are few specifics concerning what led Brent and Morgan’s relationship to fail. Given their brief time together, there could have been a variety of reasons for Brent and Morgan’s split.

Brent and Morgan, on the other hand, are not currently following each other on social media networks.

Brent began dating Eva in 2019 after playing the single game for a while. Surprisingly, the relationship was apparently on the verge of being terminated. Brent and Eva made a lot of stuff on YouTube as friends in 2016. Brent was aware that Eva had affection for him, and he flirted with her constantly.

Unfortunately, Eva grew bored of Brent reportedly leading her on without formalizing things. Brent and Eva concluded that the flirtatious banter was destroying their friendship and decided to cease producing work together in early 2018.

According to the source, Brent posted a video in late 2018 saying that he misses Eva and wants to try a relationship again. The couple began dating in 2019 but ended their relationship in 2020.

In contrast to Brent and Morgan’s current situation, Brent and Eva remain close friends who continue to follow and encourage one another on social media. Although Brent’s dating life has had its ups and downs, it looks that his relationship with Pierson is stronger than ever. Isn’t young love wonderful?

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