Is Natasha Lyonne a Lesbian? Exploring The Actress Sexual Orientation!

Is Natasha Lyonne a Lesbian

Since the late ’80s, Natasha Lyonne has made a living as an actor. She first appeared on television as a child on shows like Pee-Playhouse, and wee’s and then again as a teen and young adult in films like Everyone Says I Love You, Slums of Beverly Hills, and American Pie films.  Throughout the subsequent decade, she has appeared in over 30 films, the most notable of which is American Pie.

She tried her hand at acting on stage, making her debut in Mike Leigh’s critically acclaimed play, Thousand Years. Lyonne has observed that the theater has a way of silencing internal critics because it forces performers to live in the present.

She continued, “I didn’t have that set of abilities before. Lyonne has gained notoriety over the years for portraying a number of lesbian and bisexual roles, prompting some to speculate about her actual sexuality. We can state categorically that Natasha Lyonne is not gay. Learn about the actress’s romantic history here.

Is Actress Natasha Lyonne a Lesbian?

Natasha Lyonne claims that she is not lesbian, however, she has tried out for homosexuality. In the 1999 cult classic But I’m Cheerleader, co-starring Clea Duvall and Natasha Lyonne, Lyonne played one of the most well-known gay characters in cinematic history.

Is Natasha Lyonne a Lesbian

The straight star of “Orange is the New Black” was quizzed in an interview about her status as a lesbian idol. I don’t ever want to feel like I’m claiming something that isn’t mine,” Lyonne remarked. When I portray a lesbian, the heroine is independent and rides her own bus.

It was “less about trying to be a lesbian and more about portraying a real being with a great crush on Natasha Lyonne’s character,” she said, laughingly explaining why playing a lesbian Krav Maga instructor came easily to her.

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Natasha Lyonne’s Dating History

Lyonne was born to Ivette and Aaron Braunstein in New York City and grew up there. Also, she is a distant cousin of Al Jaffee, the Mad Magazine cartoonist. Before spending over a year and a half in Israel, Lyonne spent her formative years at home with her parents in Great Neck.

Is Natasha Lyonne a Lesbian

Her mother took her and her brother after her parent’s divorce and they re-settled in New York and subsequently Miami, where she graduated from high school. She felt like she became an adult at 16 when she stopped living at home with her parents since she was estranged from both of them.

Edward Furlong

Natasha Lyonne dated Edward Furlong, who played Terminator 2, in the late ’90s. She had the pleasure of working alongside the actor in 1999’s Detroit Rock City. Lyonne said, “I was wild for him on that movie set,” of her co-star in an interview for Vanity Fair in 2014. There was a time when he and I were dating. Regrettably, both actors got involved in the drug scene and eventually split up in 2001. Lyonne is now ten years sober.

Adam Goldberg

Adam Goldberg, who starred in Saving Private Ryan, dated Lyonne in the early 2000s. Lyonne informed the Huffington Post that their relationship lasted roughly two years (from 2001 to 2004), despite rumors that they were together for much longer.

Is Natasha Lyonne a Lesbian

And while we may never know why they broke up, actress Judy Greer said Goldberg was crushed by the news. When asked about a film she did with Goldberg in 2003, the actress stated, “He was f**ked up over you when we shot that movie.” This was said in a 2015 Huffpost interview she did with Lyonne.

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Fred Armisen

In 2014, comedian Fred Armisen was the one to introduce the public to Lyonne after posting a photo of Lyonne to Instagram with the statement, “The lovely and brilliant Natasha Lyonne.” Soon after, they were spotted together at a number of prestigious events, cementing their status as a couple.

Is Natasha Lyonne a Lesbian

Actress and SNL alum Maya Rudolph allegedly set up Armisen and Lyonne for a 2019 Glamour cover story. The pair remained together for a long time, and their romance was widely covered in the media. Many people believe the pair split up during the pandemic, however, it was never proven.

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