Is Madison Bailey Lesbian? Breaking Stereotypes in Hollywood!

is madison baily lesbian

Madison Bailey is a well-known American actress who plays Kiara Carrea in the Netflix teen drama series Outer Banks. As an added bonus, Bailey has a large fanbase because of her performance in Black Lighting. films like Creepshow and Constantine and the Netflix series Discarded Things. On her IMDB website, she has 17 acting credits.

In 2015, the actress made her feature debut in the TV series Constantine. Since then, she’s been consistently hard at work in the movie business. She first gained widespread attention after being cast as Kiara on Outer Banks.

Her most recent part was as Sasha in the TV movie Constance, and she is currently in post-production on the film Time Cut.

Is Madison Bailey Lesbian?

is madison baily lesbian

Madison Bailey does not identify as a lesbian. As Bailey has now admitted, she identifies as Pansexual. In her TikTok video, she explained that pansexuals are attracted to persons of all genders.

She expressed her happiness at being out and her lack of shame over her sexuality during a live Instagram broadcast. She went on to say that she has no guilt, is happier and lighter than before, and can be completely forthright.

And she started pushing for others to be open and honest about their sexuality if they had one. She went on to say that she agrees with the theory that people’s sexual orientations shift throughout time.

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Who Is Madison Bailey Dating? What Is Her Relationship Status?

Mariah Linney, a basketball player for UNC Charlotte, is dating Bailey. The couple made their Instagram and TikTok accounts official in June of 2020 with a cute video. When Linney enters the screen, she can be seen mouthing along to the voiceover, “I’m not falling,” before finally giving in to her feelings.

Bailey met her current significant other on the video-sharing platform TikTok. One of Linney’s TikToks attracted the attention of the Outer Banks celebrity.

Speaking to ET, Bailey revealed that, after watching the video, she immediately went in search of Linney’s Instagram. They began chatting over direct messages and eventually arranged to meet up.

To paraphrase, “I was staying at a hotel in Charleston and was like, ‘Just come hang around. Just hang out, have a conversation. Nowhere is open, so we can’t really go anyplace,” she said. Later, she “simply came out to L.A.”

Bailey elaborated further on why they made their relationship public via social media. There’s a lot at stake here. I didn’t think twice about sharing the news on my social media accounts because I knew that no matter what, they would always be a part of my life. Why do I care so much about her… “I Believe I’m Falling in Love.”

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Dating History of Madison Bailey

is madison baily lesbian

Bailey and her girlfriend had accomplished a lot together since they first started dating. Bailey and Linney have both posted Instagrams in honor of these events. She uploaded several selfies with Linney to her Instagram on June 8, 2021.
She added the hashtag “365 with you” to the photo’s description, along with a butterfly and a black love emoji. Linney updated her blog the next day to share the news that the couple had spent the entire weekend celebrating their anniversary.

Bailey continued by saying that the more time she spent with Linney, the more she fell in love with him.

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