Is Dylan Dreyer Pregnant? She Shares Her Pregnancy Journey!

is dylan dreyer pregnant

Dylan Marie Dreyer is an American meteorologist for television at NBC News. She also serves as an anchor for Today’s Third Hour. Dreyer frequently appears on Today during the week as a substitute for Al Roker and Carson Daly and as a weather journalist. Also, she appears on The Weather Channel and NBC’s Nightly News.

Is Dylan Dreyer Pregnant?

is dylan dreyer pregnant

As of March, she has not pregnant. She gave birth to her third child, a son named Russell James, on September 29, 2021. Dylan has three happy and healthy sons, but her path to being a mother of three was not easy, as it has been revealed that she struggled with secondary infertility after giving birth to her eldest son, Calvin.

The couple first decided to keep their 2019 miscarriage a private matter; however, Brian recently went public with the news. Hoda Kotb was one individual who was there for them throughout their troubles. The celebrity remains really close to the family of five. Very sweet!

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Her Union Is a Match Made in Heaven

In 2012, Dylan Dreyer wed her spouse, Brian Ficherer of Easton, Massachusetts. A perfect couple, he is a Nightly News cameraman and she forecasts the weather. They initially met as coworkers at WHDH in Boston. Uncharacteristically for Dylan, she described how they met in a wedding blog she created.

In July 2011, Fichera proposed to Dylan on the front porch of his parent’s home in Easton. In October of the same year, the couple wed at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston.

In addition to their love for one another, the couple enjoys traveling across the country, going on infrequent date nights, playing golf, and exploring the world together. Now that they have two children, their love is so powerful that they cannot help but share the doses with them.

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When She Married, Dylan Dreyer Did Not Desire a Child

is dylan dreyer pregnant

After four years of marriage, the couple was prepared to give birth to their first child. On June 10, 2016, Dylan Dreyer announced her first pregnancy on the Today Show. According to her statement on, the pair “wasn’t in a hurry to have children, and there was a moment when we said we never wanted children!”

Yet, just as they had stated they would not have children, they looked at each other one day and declared, “I want a child!” At the time, “everything appeared to be in order.”

On December 17, 2016, at 11:52 EST, the couple had their first child, a baby boy named Calvin ‘Cal’ Bradley Fichera. The infant weighed 8 pounds and 3 ounces. They were initially apprehensive about having a kid, but with the birth of their son, they could not be happier to be parents.

After becoming a mother, Dylan has walked her fans through her experience as a new parent, such as when she battled with breastfeeding and was forced to supplement with formula instead of breastfeeding exclusively. Three years later, she was prepared to pursue motherhood again.

Despite a subsequent miscarriage, she was as determined as ever to have another child. On January 2, 2020, they welcomed Oliver ‘Ollie’ George into the world, expanding her family by one. At 9:13, he was born weighing 7 lb 2 oz.

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