Former Manager Files Lawsuit Against Jimmie Allen, Accusing Him of Sexual Abuse!

Former Manager Files Lawsuit Against Jimmie Allen, Accusing Him of Sexual Abuse!

In a recent development, Jimmie Allen, the country singer, is facing a lawsuit from his former day-to-day manager, a 25-year-old woman, who has accused him of sexual abuse. The alleged abuse reportedly occurred over a period of a year and a half while she was working closely with him. Allen has firmly denied these allegations, asserting his intention to vigorously defend himself against the claims.

According to court documents obtained by Fox News Digital, the lawsuit was filed in Tennessee federal court last Thursday. The documents state that the plaintiff, referred to as Jane Doe, claims that Allen exploited his position of power over her job to subject her to sexual harassment and abuse. The complaint further alleges that after nearly a year of sexual harassment, Allen raped her following a dinner they attended together after an “American Idol” episode in March 2021.

Former Manager Files Lawsuit Against Jimmie Allen, Accusing Him of Sexual Abuse!

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According to the complaint, Jane Doe woke up in her hotel room the next morning, naked and bleeding, with Allen next to her in bed. Allegedly, he insisted she takes a Plan B emergency contraception pill. Despite having only consumed a couple of glasses of wine the previous night, she had no recollection of what had transpired. When she tried to leave, Allen forcibly kissed her and declared, “You’re mine now.”

The complaint describes the plaintiff’s feelings of humiliation and betrayal, as she realized she had lost her virginity against her will and had violated her faith. On the other hand, Allen has vehemently denied the allegations and, through his lawyer, stated that their relationship was consensual. He acknowledged a sexual relationship lasting nearly two years but emphasized that she had never accused him of any wrongdoing during that time.

Allen expressed deep disappointment and hurt over the accusations, considering Jane Doe to be one of his closest friends, colleagues, and confidants. He also raised doubts about her motives, claiming that she only sought legal action and financial compensation after their relationship ended. Allen asserted that her accusations were not only false but also incredibly damaging to his hard-earned career. He vowed to vigorously defend himself and take all necessary legal steps to protect his reputation.

Former Manager Files Lawsuit Against Jimmie Allen, Accusing Him of Sexual Abuse!

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The court documents reveal that Jane Doe was fired by her employer, Wide Open Music (WOM), after she requested to be reassigned to another artist due to the alleged sexual abuse and rape. Her lawyers argue that WOM was aware of Allen’s history of inappropriate behavior towards women but still assigned her to him without investigating her claims.

WOM and its founder, Ash Bowers, have been named as co-defendants in the lawsuit. Bowers issued a statement to Fox News Digital, refuting any suggestion that they were aware of a sexual or physical relationship between Allen and Jane Doe before October 4, 2022. He clarified that once the allegation was raised, they immediately terminated their professional relationship with Allen. Bowers emphasized that Jane Doe’s role as Allen’s day-to-day manager ceased to exist once WOM no longer managed him, dismissing any claims of retaliation.

Elizabeth Fegan, Jane Doe’s lawyer, expressed their intention to demonstrate that WOM had knowledge of Allen’s problematic behavior towards women but failed to protect her, despite promising mentorship and guidance in her new role. Fegan characterized Allen’s behavior as textbook grooming and coercion, alleging that he systematically manipulated and controlled Jane Doe, making her believe she had no choice but to comply.

The court documents detailed additional alleged abuses by Allen, including groping Jane Doe without consent in public, raping her while choking her, and secretly videotaping their encounters. According to the complaint, Jane Doe expressed her discomfort and resistance through words and actions, but Allen made it clear that her job depended on her silence regarding his conduct.

He is being sued by Jane Doe for assault, sexual violence, false imprisonment, sex trafficking, and emotional distress. Wide Open Music and Bowers are being sued for their participation in a sex trafficking enterprise and egregious negligence.

Allen and his wife, Alexis Gale, announced their separation and the impending birth of their third child together last month.

“After much consideration and reflection over the past few months, Lex and I have decided to separate,” Allen, 37, wrote on his Instagram. “As we navigate this transition in our lives, we can also announce that we will be welcoming a second child later this year.”

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