Foreword To Bindi Irwin’s Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls!

In the most recent edition of “Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls,” which is centered on “100 Inspiring Young Changemakers,” Bindi Irwin is one of the notable women who inspire.

On September 27, Rebel Girls, a company “committed to helping raise the most inspired and confident global generation of girls,” will release “100 Inspiring Young Changemakers,” the fifth installment of their “Good Night Stories” series.

Taylor Swift, Zendaya, Greta Thunberg, and Emma Raducanu are just a few of the famous creators, activists, and businesswomen profiled in the book. The personal histories of each girl and woman profiled are told in the style of a bedtime story for young readers.

Numerous famous people are already fans of the show, including Kristen Bell, who claims, “My goal has always been for my girls to think creatively. They have learned how to accomplish this by reading the Rebel Girls books.

It offers kids behavior to aspire to and ideas for their own future when they see examples of women and girls standing up for what they believe in.” “I felt motivated after reading these stories of boundary-pushing heroes that highlight how young females are transforming the world,” says Olympian Sky Brown.

Four Girls’ Education Program participants from Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, and Vietnam are featured in the new book by Rebel Girls and Room to Read, a global nonprofit organization working to abolish illiteracy and gender inequality.

Select figurines now have corresponding audio stories that are accessible through the Rebel Girls app and linked by QR codes, in addition to the stories included in the print edition, which is now $35 and is available for preorder. See the whole forward by Irwin below.

I’m a Wildlife Warrior on a mission to speak up and defend the rights of those who are unable to do so. I’ve always led a “wild” life. My life is centered around conservation, and I am fortunate enough to reside in the middle of a sizable refuge called Australia Zoo. Not only do I do it, but it is also who I am.

My parents spent my childhood filming numerous episodes of “The Crocodile Hunter,” a documentary series. They set out to inspire and teach people to value and respect all living things.

They included me in their conservation efforts and taught me to treat each and every living thing with respect. It’s important to keep in mind that an elephant and a spider are both deserving of respect.

I continued my ancestors’ practice of leveraging our position to promote conservation by appearing on several television programs and motion pictures, authoring books, delivering seminars, collaborating with journalists, and using social media.

My parents instilled in me a sense of empathy for all creatures, and it still permeates all I do now. I’m honored to be a part of an international effort to safeguard Mother Earth.

Humans, wildlife, and wild spaces are all intertwined. People frequently only consider woodland creatures when they hear the word conservation. But ultimately, conservation is about us, the human race.

We will continue to have an effect on the world for a very long time. Because of this, it’s crucial that we treat the natural environment with care. Even seemingly insignificant actions, like turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth or planting a tree, can have a significant impact.

Here at Australia Zoo, my family and I have established endangered species breeding programs and secured the protection of approximately 500,000 acres of Australian conservation land. Wildlife Warriors, a charity we run, supports animals in need and resolves animal-human disputes.

More than 100,000 animals had a second chance at life in the wild thanks to the construction of one of the busiest wildlife hospitals in the world. I’ve participated in more animal rescues than I can count, and I feel compelled to do everything in my power to protect the environment every day. I believe it’s crucial to both safeguard individual creatures and effects broader change for our natural world.

Being a changemaker is having faith in your ability to alter the course of events. I adore this book so much because it celebrates outstanding young women and girls who are standing up for their ideas and building a better future for future generations.

There are several inspiring life stories to read about here, including those of businesspeople, environmentalists, innovators, and scientists. Their successes serve as a reminder that maintaining your own motivation is just as crucial as motivating others.

Helena Gualinga’s tenacity and resolve to change the world have, despite all odds, sparked a movement of activism. No of your age, Esther Okade demonstrates that you can pursue your goals and succeed in anything, including difficult mathematics.

Jojo Siwa sets an excellent example by remaining loyal to herself and serving as a constant reminder that love is love. This book is full of visionaries who serve as living examples of how hard work and enthusiasm can overcome obstacles. Keep in mind that by acting every day, you too can be a changemaker as you read about these inspiring trailblazers.

I want you to know that this planet needs you more than anything. Your acts of goodwill toward others, your aspirations, and the daily activities you engage in are all bringing about change. Let the tales in this book serve as a reminder that inspiration can come from anyone.

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