’90 Day Fiance’: Rishi Claims Jen Is ‘Worsening Everything’ as His Family Pushes Arranged Marriage on Him!

'90 Day Fiance': Rishi Claims Jen Is 'Worsening Everything' as His Family Pushes Arranged Marriage on Him!

Rishi Singh discovers what happens when he lies to the two most important people in his life in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.

In Sunday’s episode, Rishi, 32, revealed his fiancée Jen Boecher to his family in Jaipur, India, even though his parents were still searching for a bride for his scheduled marriage.

Jen, 46, confessed, “I’m really bewildered about everything that happened yesterday, but Rishi called me and asked if I would still meet his family today.” “After a night’s sleep, I’ve cooled off a bit and am ready to speak.”

'90 Day Fiance': Rishi Claims Jen Is 'Worsening Everything' as His Family Pushes Arranged Marriage on Him!

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Following their intense argument in last week’s episode about Rishi not notifying his family that he’s engaged, Jen said that she was concerned that his family would force him into an arranged marriage if they discovered their connection.

“I do not assert that it will occur. Perhaps everything will be alright because I know my mother and my family. They possess a good heart. Hence, they will most likely not press me,” remarked Rishi.

When Jen inquired as to what he would do if presented with the ultimatum, he told her, “I will tell them I only want her or nothing.” There is no alternative.”

Jen continued, “I clearly dislike the possibility of Rishi’s family pressuring him into an arranged marriage.” Rishi’s assurance that he would pick me over his family is encouraging.

As Jen changed into a blue dress that Rishi had purchased for her, he informed his soon-to-be wife that his friend Sanjeet would be joining them to meet his family for the first time in order to “make it less suspicious.”

“I will introduce Jen to you as a friend. So, people will be able to get to know her. This is our greatest strategy, but a little deceitful,” said Rishi, admitting that he told his family that Jen is visiting, not that she moved to Jaipur.

Jen inquired about Sanjeet’s opinion on the matter upon his arrival. “Oh, this is not typical,” he replied. “I’m absolutely positive they’ll be suspicious. In fact, I believe this will be worse for Rishi. If they find out, they will force him into the arranged marriage for which they are currently searching.”

Once Rishi was caught in a lie on the way to his family’s home, tensions between him and Jen flared once more.

She stated, “Lying, even if it’s a lie of omission, is a poor decision.” “But, despite my anger, I will continue with the plan to meet Rishi’s family, as we have already made the commitment and they are expecting us to show up there.”

In his own confessional, Rishi said, “I’m a little concerned that Jen’s continued anger may leave a negative impression on my family.”

After meeting briefly at his sister Priyanka’s wedding, Jen’s meeting with Rishi’s family appeared to be proceeding smoothly. As she proceeded to inquire about Rishi’s parents’ efforts to find their son a wife, however, the talk veered into unsettling terrain for her future husband.

In his confessional, he remarked with a giggle, “Jen, just shut up!” “Do not ask this type of question, and do not make matters worse.”

'90 Day Fiance': Rishi Claims Jen Is 'Worsening Everything' as His Family Pushes Arranged Marriage on Him!

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Rishi’s father told her, “There are proposals, but they do not fit,” as he desires a tall, educated husband. When Jen questioned his mother if religion is important in a husband, she said, “Not if she has a good nature.”

Rishi was caught in a second falsehood when his mother disclosed that they had been hunting for their son’s wife for nearly two years. However, Rishi informed Jen earlier that day that it had just been a month.

“I am revolted,” she stated. “They had been searching for him as a fiancee for the previous two years.” Hello! Two years ago, he found a partner. I have zero tolerance for those who deceive me. I am tempted to tell his family the truth at this point.

She continued, “But if I inform them, I’m performing his duties for him. That relieves him of a great deal of responsibility, but I won’t let him off the hook. I desire a man who would move mountains for me. I am not the person who will move mountains.”

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