Yt1s: YouTube Downloader Site with Its Features and Pros


Watching YouTube videos is one of the things that urban people do on the internet frequently. Videos of many kinds, including music videos, tutorials, movie trailers, and more, can be found on YouTube.

However, occasionally it can be difficult for YouTube viewers to see videos. For instance, a limited internet capacity that prevents excessive viewing.

A great video Downloader-WinX Video Converter-achieves watching YouTube even offline. It can download 4K/1080p videos/playlists from YouTube and 1000+ sites, convert YouTube to MP4, MP3, etc.  Reduce file size by up to 90%, no quality loss.

Downloading YouTube videos that you want to view is a smart option if you want to conserve internet bandwidth. Utilizing the YouTube download site, Yt1s, is one of the trustworthy internet tools for downloading videos.

Features of Yt1s Youtube Downloader


One of the top websites for downloading YouTube videos is This program offers a number of intriguing features to help your activities, including the free viewing and storage of a variety of intriguing information.

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Although the YouTube website does offer a range of fascinating films, viewers must be online in order to view them. You must subscribe to YouTube’s premium service if you wish to download material.

For some, this requirement is unavoidably onerous because, in addition to eating up the quota, there is also the added expense of the subscription price.

Downloading the video and watching it offline is one way to solve this issue. These requirements can be met by features of the YouTube downloader Yt1s.

The technique is:

  • the subscription browser, please.
  • Open YouTube in the browser or the app.
  • To share a video, click the share button or symbol.
  • Pick the option for copying.
  • Visit the website or app for Youtube Downloader.
  • then enter the video’s URL into the search field.
  • Choose your preferred format to keep the video or convert it to audio.
  • Press the download button once the timer has run out.
  • Your phone’s memory already has the file.

2. Transcode Videos into Different Formats

It turns out that users can utilize Yt1s Youtube downloader to convert files to MP3 format in addition to downloading content. Many people typically use this function to download songs directly from music videonya.

You may listen to music online and offline by converting YouTube videos to MP3 format. Users can create podcasts from their favourite channels so they can stay in touch when they’re on the go.

How to? Take these actions:


  • Open the YouTube app directly or navigate to the website using a browser.
  • Locate the video you wish to MP3 conversion.
  • After That, Copy the Video’s Url.
  • Visit Yt1s Youtube Downloader’s website.
  • Add the URL to the search field (if you want a quick way you can search for the desired video directly here without having to open youtube)
  • Just beneath it, select the “convert MP3” button.
  • Click Download after the conversion process is finished.
  • The mp3 file has already been completed and saved in your phone’s memory.

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The advantages of Yt1s Youtube Downloader

The popularity of the website Yt1s for downloading videos from YouTube is not without cause. Other downloaders lack a number of benefits that this application provides. Among the benefits of Yt1s are the following:

1. Rapid and simple to use

For those of you who want to download YouTube videos without first creating an account, like most other downloaders, this website offers convenience.

The downloading procedure is also quick. It’s not necessary to launch the YouTube app initially. Go straight to the Yt1s Youtube Downloader website and use the search bar to look up your favorite video. The consumer can then immediately download it after that.

2. Free

As far as we are aware, only members of the premium edition of YouTube can access the application’s built-in capability for downloading videos. You must pay a monthly fee to subscribe.

Unlike the free downloading option offered by the Yt1s Youtube downloader application. Users can download different types of information in different sizes for no cost or for free.

As long as the file is still saved in the phone’s memory, you can also open it whenever you want, anywhere, and without any time restrictions.

3. No Caps


Unrestricted use is a benefit of the YouTube downloader Yt1s that attracts many subscribers who use it repeatedly. There is no cap on the quantity of videos you may download utilizing this top service, despite the fact that it is free.

There is no need to fear since Yt1s Youtube Downloader will never charge you for using it because all of its features are always free to use.

4. Aman

Many people are reluctant to use the features of free sites since they typically pay less attention to user security. You won’t need to worry if you use Yt1s Youtube Downloader because it is 100% safe and clean, which is only one of the benefits of this top downloader.

The significance of device security is recognized by Yt1s Youtube Downloader. People are very conscious of their personal data, especially today. Fortunately, this service is totally virus-free because it is strictly regulated based on a reliable security database.

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5. Support Every Platform

The functions of Yt1s Youtube Downloader can be utilized on a variety of platforms. from android to iPhone, starting with windows, mac or Linux. Users will find it simpler to download videos or convert them to MP3 wherever they are thanks to this benefit.

6. Accept Every File Format

Most websites that offer free downloads only offer MP3 conversion capabilities. Yt1s YouTube downloader supports all video and audio file types, in contrast to the other competitors.

Users can alter downloaded format files as necessary. The options are extensive and include quickly and easily converting YouTube videos to MP3, 3GP, MP4, WMA, M4A, FLV, and more formats.

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