The Top Myths About Cannabis

Myths About Cannabis

Over the decades, there have been critical stereotypes associated with weed smoking. Myths and misconceptions grow out of these imposed stereotypes. With the increased research on marijuana use as a medicinal and recreational drug, some findings debunk the myths.

Users have also often wondered about the validity of weed myths and facts. The myths exist whether they buy their weed from a dispensary in San Francisco or any other corner. As a user, it is understandable to want to know what is true and what is the basis of stereotypical fabrications.

The Origin of the Myths

As mentioned, myths about marijuana have roots in existing stereotypes. These stereotypes result from one or two users who become the picture of weed smokers. Society has a given standard of behavior that it deems as right. Legalizing drugs such as marijuana goes against their norm; hence, they slander the drug.

Other myths result from the hype on the drug’s medicinal value. With research exposing the health benefits of marijuana, users and advocates may oversell the same. The following are some of the misconceptions about marijuana from various sources.

Marijuana legalization spikes use by teens

For decades, there have been legislative debates on weed’s legal status in various states. In recent years, numerous states and even countries have been legalizing the medicinal use of marijuana and its recreational use.

One of the major worries that arose is the susceptibility of teenagers to the drug with its new legal status. The availability of weed via dispensaries has been proven to have a more positive impact on weed use. Teens are staying away from weed instead of states where the drug is illegal.

Marijuana is Synonymous with Crime

The general perception of marijuana users is that they are drawn to crime. Another impact of the weed myths is that residents believed dispensaries would raise their crime rates. These misconceptions lead to an aversion to weed business and use, even though weed dispensaries are legal and also averse to crime. To capitalize on business, the operation of dispensaries requires a safe environment. The drug itself is in no way synonymous with crime.

The legal standpoint of the marijuana industry has enabled a portrayal of business and skills that are not synonymous with a crime as is commonly offered.

Marijuana is More Harmful than Tobacco

Which vice has more repercussions, smoking weed or smoking tobacco? Comparing the two doesn’t rule out that all types of smoking have some form of negative effect on the body. There are claims that institute weed smoking brings forth more negative effects than tobacco smoking.

Comparatively, marijuana exposes the body to a significantly lesser number of carcinogens than tobacco smoking. The negative effect of smoking tobacco is higher than smoking weed.

Despite the results, it is important to note that there are risks involved in smoking any form of the drug. The effects may not compare when individual drugs are analyzed, but they are present at the end of the day.

Marijuana and Overdosing

There is a general myth among weed smokers that a marijuana overdose is impossible. Now, it is practically impossible to overdose from weed as you would need to use amounts impossible to go through in one sitting.

While you will not die from too much weed, you may experience certain symptoms due to high marijuana intake. The recommended amount of weed is 10mg of THC. Depending on the tolerance levels, users take different potency weeds for their recreational or medicinal value.

A stoner is likely to experience anxiety with the likelihood of panic attacks, rapid heart rate, visual and auditory hallucinations, psychotic thoughts, and more. In case of the above or perceived use of too much weed, you can always visit a health care professional.

The Marijuana Myth-Fact Weight

With any myth, you always have to ask yourself the likelihood of it being true or false. The nature of myths and misconceptions is that they are greatly exaggerated. Luckily the studies into the marijuana field have been growing.

For years scientists have debunked some of the common myths associated with marijuana use. The goal is to fact find the benefits and disadvantages of marijuana use. In case of any myth, you can always find sites like ours that have researched the issue widely before making the final statements.