Will Liverpool manage to Qualify for UEFA next season?

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Will Liverpool qualify for the UEFA champions league? Will, the injured players get recovered for the next season? How they are going to plan for the upcoming transfer window? With lots of expectations from the fan base.

It has been a tough season for Klopp and his teammates. The premier league is nearing the, Liverpool has 5 more games to play in Premier League, and currently holding 6th place on the League table. The holding Premier League champions lingering 4 points behind placed Chelsea.

And the only 6 points making a difference between Chelsea and Everton on 8th position. Although Everton has one extra game in hand, they might make things miserable for Liverpool.   

Chances of Liverpool participating in UEFA Champions League or Europa League

Technically, it’s still possible for Liverpool to qualify for Champions League. But the teams like Chelsea, West Ham, and Liverpool will fight for the 4th spot.

Liverpool do have a chance to finish in top 6 and earn their spot in Europa League.

“I didn’t see from us that we deserved today to play Champions League next year,” by Klopp

Will Liverpool prefer no UEFA football instead of UEFA Conference League?

The ‘UEFA Europa Conference League’ begins for the 2021/22 season, the teams which are not qualified for the champions league and Europa league will directly be played in the conference league.

If the FA Cup winner (Leicester vs Chelsea) finishes within the top 6, then the 7th placed team qualifies for UEFA Conference League.

What will Jurgen Klopp prefer? Football pundits believe that it’s certainly better for Liverpool to avoid UEFA Conference League games next season, and focus on Premier League.

Liverpool struggled this season with a lot of injuries in this season, the climax which might prevent them from qualifying for UEFA games. In 1994, 2012, and 2016, Liverpool finished eighth in the Premier League for the first time.

A comparable finish this season will at the very least keep Klopp out of the new competition and allow him to focus entirely on domestic matters.

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