Who Will Nami End Up With? Nami’s Potential Romantic Interest

Who will Nami end up with
Who will Nami end up with

Nami, one of the original Strawhats from East Blue is one of the most loved characters of One Piece among the community. She joined Luffy’s crew in Orange Town and then fully became a member after the incident of Arlong Park.

As a female member of the Strawhats, fans have always wondered who will Nami end up with? Sure Oda has already said that there will be no romance among Strawhats, but there’s still a chance for her to pursue her romantic interest.

So Who does Nami really love? Does Nami love Luffy or Sanji? Let’s discuss Who will Nami end up with and her potential romantic interest.

Who does Nami really love?

Nami x Luffy Romance

What kind of relationship does Nami have with Luffy? This is arguably the most popular ship of Nami in One Piece. Sure, Luffy has Boa Hancock in which the latter has assumed she’s already married to Luffy, however, Nami could also become Luffy’s partner in the long run.

Does Nami love Luffy?

Luffy has a pretty interesting relationship with Nami. He’s playful with her and cares about her even when she betrayed them in Arlong Park. Also, they’re both of the same age contrary to Boa Hancock who has an age difference of 11 years with Luffy.

But so far we haven’t seen Luffy showing an entrance in romance to anyone. He is only focused on one goal and that is to become King of the pirates. So for now, Luffy and Nami’s ship is null and void.

Nami x Sanji Relationship

Is it possible for Sanji and Nami to get married? Everyone’s favorite pervert Sanji loves ladies, especially the two in his crew. He flirts with both Nami and Robin pretty regularly. While Robin just laughs it off as a playful joke, Nami beats him everyone he does it.

Nami and Sanji relationship

Despite being a pervert, Sanji hasn’t shown interest in the pursue of a relationship. Sure he wouldn’t miss it if such an opportunity arrives but he isn’t active in that role. Maybe, he just likes to flirt and isn’t looking for a relationship among Strawhats.

Nami on the other hand to hasn’t shown romantic interest in Sanji. Sure she loves Sanji as a part of her crew and would do anything for him. However, things get complicated when it comes to actual relationships. Sanji and Nami ship occurring has as much of a chance as Luffy and Nami ship.


Who does Nami really love?

So far we haven’t seen Nami showing “that kind of” affection towards anyone. She once cried in front of Luffy after Sanji’s kidnapping but that was just out of worry for her crewmate. Apart from that, there hasn’t been any instance where she has openly admitted to showing romantic interest towards anyone.

When you look at the crew, there are too many idiots and not many options to pursue love. So even if she does want to start a relationship among the crew, there isn’t any suitable candidate for her.

Luffy? Dumb. Zoro? Again dumb. Sanji? Pervert. Chopper? Not human and literally kid. Usopp? Already has Kaya. Brook? Pervert. Franky? She considers him brother. Jinbe? Big brother-like figure.

As you can see she has not a single compatible person with whom she can pursue a relationship. Maybe in the future when the Starwhats find One Piece and she decides to settle down, she could marry someone. However, for the time being, she’d rather stick with her role as a navigator.

Who will Nami end up within One Piece? Let us know your opinion down in the comments. For more One Piece content, don’t forget to follow us on social media. One Piece is available to read on Viz media and Mangaplus.

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