One Piece Chapter 1037 Breakdown and Review – Luffy vs Kaido, Appearance of Zunesha, The Legendary Devil Fruit, and More

One Piece Chapter 1037 Breakdown and Review

One Piece chapter 1037 raw scans are out and we’ve witnessed some extraordinary revelations in the chapter. After a wait for two weeks, fans are excited to learn more breathtaking events to take place in Onigashima. So what happened in One Piece chapter 1037? Let’s find out.

One Piece is an ongoing manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. He started publishing the series back in 1997 in the weekly shonen jump magazine of Japan. One Piece has become the highest-selling manga in history. Currently, it’s on the Wano country arc where things are about to conclude in the next few chapters. Let’s break down One Piece chapter 1037 in this review.

One Piece Chapter 1037 Breakdown and Review

One Piece Chapter 1037 Breakdown – Luffy vs Kaido

A large portion of the chapter dealt with the fight between Kaido and Luffy taking ace on the rooftop. It started with Kaido drinking a large bottle of sake and getting drunk. The chapter focused on various states of Kaido when he is drunk. Luffy initially thought this state would weaken Kaido, however, he was stronger than ever.

Despite facing too many enemies at this point, Kaido is still fully taking Luffy’s attacks. This goes on to show how strong these Emperors are and they’re not to be underestimated. In the fight, Kaido shows 4 drunken states off his. He is also frustrated with not being able to protect the castle but he believes that it can be repaired.

One Piece Chapter 1037 Breakdown and Review

The first state of Kaido is laughing Drunk where he probably laughs at the entire situation. At this point, it’s quite difficult to read Kaido as we don’t know much about his past. However, one thing we know for sure is that he is a depressed fellow. There’s something that happened in the past with him that made him this way.

In any case, Kaido displayed immense strength despite going through his identity crisis. We see him sad, crying, and then getting angry at Luffy for sobering him up. It’s all happening at the rooftop where two of the strongest people in the world of One Piece are going at each other. With their current state, it won’t be long till we find the ultimate winner of their battle.

One Piece Chapter 1037 Breakdown and Review

Zunesha’s Return

Zunesha, the giant elephant that rides the entire Zou country on his arc seems to have appeared to halt the mission of the World Government. The WG wants to take Wano into their hands after Kaido gets defeated. However, Zunesha has made an appearance (it hasn’t been revealed yet but there’s only one giant elephant figure in One Piece we’ve seen so far).

Zunesha is a cursed creature who has been traveling non-stop in circles. He can’t move off his own will. It’s either that someone has ordered him to come to Wano or he has broken the curse somehow. In any case, it will be pretty difficult for WG to execute their plans because we know what Zunesha is capable of (Jack’s entire fleet got annihilated by him).

One Piece Chapter 1037 Review – Legendary Devil Fruit

There was also some discussion about the legendary devil fruit among Gorosei back in Marijoise. Even for elders whose age we don’t know, it’s a thing of the past. WG had to hide its true name because of the kind of threat it was to them. However, its sudden awakening has put them into shock.

One Piece Chapter 1037 Breakdown and Review

There are already many speculations among the fans about the possible identity of that fruit. The most probable assumptions are Law’s fruit and Tama’s fruit. Many are saying that Tama’s fruit could be originally called Uranus. Because it was able to control creatures like Zunesha, it was a threat to WG. Hence, they hid its name from the public.

There’s another theory going around about Zunesha being Joy Boy which we will discuss in another blog. However, one thing to note here is that we are diving more into the past with each new chapter. There are lots of exciting flashbacks possibly lines up ahead and we can’t wait for more to read them.

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What is your favorite moment from One Piece chapter 1037? Let us know in the comments below. For more One Piece updates, don’t forget to follow us on social media. One Piece is available to read on Viz media and Mangaplus.

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