Lukaku returns to where he was happy

Lukaku returns to where he was happy

Belgian international Romelu Lukaku has not performed as expected at Chelsea, and the investment made for him has not paid off. In an interview, he said that he would like to return to Italy and immediately got the English fans all upset. 

There is talk that Inter wants him back and the Belgian wants to return to the Italian Calcio. For next season Lukaku needs to get into a rhythm to reach a good level for the World Cup, so it is important to enter and review Apps Detail to bet on the team that has the striker, or maybe your favourite club, however, entering there makes soccer more exciting. 

What happened at Chelsea? 

The Belgian striker arrived at Chelsea directly from Inter Milan for 97 million euros, which put pressure on the player, because of his time in Serie A. He was at a spectacular level and the Neroazzurro knew he was worth that. 

This was his second chance at Chelsea, and he was looking for revenge after leaving through the back door in 2014. He wanted to silence all the critics who once questioned him, and truth is told, he started the season well with the Blues. 

But his level started to decline, and the goals were no longer like in Calcio. Anyway, there was a lot of confidence in the striker the teammates had him as a reference and Tuchel used him, but maybe not in the right way. 

At Inter he was accompanied by Lautaro Martinez with whom he made a spectacular duo, so they shared the offensive responsibility, at Chelsea he was alone up front, he did not have a partner, and often had to play with his back to the goal to feed the midfielders, this made the Belgian’s style of play a little uncomfortable. 

Patience was beginning to wear thin in the then European champion, but everything collapsed when in an interview he said that the happiest time he has been was in Italy and that he wanted to return, this obviously annoyed everyone on the team and cost him a one-match suspension against Liverpool. 

When he returned, he was given the starting role again, but something had broken down. Not even his teammates would pass him the ball and in a cup game, he spent almost 80 minutes without a touch of the football. Absolute divorce. 

Chelsea could not repeat the success of last season and Lukaku was losing minutes, rumours of his departure began to take place, but it was very complicated that for the heavy investment that was made for him, they would let him go or sell him for less than 100 million. 

He asked to leave, but the board told him no because he was still under contract and that, in a way, they trusted him. Thomas Tuchel reiterated that he counted on him but that he wanted him committed to the team, but the player no longer wants to continue in the Premier League, he wants to be in Italy. 

Is he returning to Inter? 

The latest reports from several Italian media said that Inter wants him back also to join Lautaro and Paulo Dybala who will surely come to the club, to fight in Europe for the Champions League and regain the Scudetto that Milan took away from them. 

Obviously, Chelsea told them that if they wanted him, they would have to pay no less than 100 million euros, which the Italian team immediately ruled out, but they proposed a loan and offered 8 million euros. 

The English team does not want to let Lukaku go because they believe he can explode at any moment and be that unstoppable machine, especially because it is a World Cup year and all the players in the world raise their level to be able to represent their country in the best way. 

The offer appeals to Lukaku who is willing to lower his salary and return to Serie A on loan because in a good environment, with a competitive team, and above all comfortable, he can recover the level to reach Qatar in the best conditions and make history with Belgium. 

Besides at Inter, he imagines being in a fully competitive team that brings him closer to a historic season, because Inter is about to put together one of the strongest teams on the continent, and he wants to be part of it. 

Chelsea is going through quite a few problems and an exodus of players. The team was sold, and the new management is doing things differently at Stamford Bridge. This does not like the player who has already asked for his departure to Italy, whatever it takes. 

The main thing is to convince Chelsea to let go of one of their most important and expensive players. Having Lukaku in a negative mood can be counterproductive, and a loan is a solution, it is not ideal, but it is something. At the moment, the two teams are in talks and nothing is certain. 


Lukaku does not want to arrive in poor shape at the World Cup and is sacrificing. Inter wants him because he complements their offense perfectly and Chelsea does not want him in a bad way, but they do not want to lose the player. What will happen to the Belgian striker?