How to Choose an Effective Twitter Handle

twitter username

Your username, which appears at the end of your unique Twitter URL, is called an X (previously known as Twitter) handle.

Twitter handles look like this on a visitor’s browser bar and is limited to 15 characters:

Here’s the URL to tweet: handle

A Twitter name and a handle are not the same thing. In your profile URL, Twitter handles follow the @ symbol, and they must be exclusive to your account. Conversely, a Twitter name just serves to make it easier for users to locate the business they’re looking for.

Selecting a Twitter handle may seem easy, but the network currently has 330 million monthly active users. This implies that it’s harder than it used to be to locate the perfect handle the first time.

How to Choose an Effective Twitter Handle

While there isn’t a universally applicable strategy for the ideal Twitter account, there are guidelines that should be adhered to. For example:

Employ your name: Make advantage of any existing business or personal brand you may have. It could be helpful to include adjectives like “Inc” or “HQ” if users have already claimed your title.

Twitter usernames should be as short and memorable as possible; exclude underscores and numerals. Using underscores and numerals in your username makes it more difficult for followers to discover you.

Keep it constant: Utilize the names you support on other social media platforms. This will facilitate cross-promotion and facilitate tracking for your fans.

Avoid overloading your handle with keywords: It’s simple to fall into the trap of overusing keywords. Regretfully, there are instances where terms in your Twitter account appear spammy.

twitter username

Short, impactful material is what Twitter is all about, so keep it brief and sweet. If you want to prevent your name from taking up too much character space when others reply to you or retweet your material, make it tiny.

Use caution while handling “The Real”: “The Real” appears in the handle of certain celebrity and public figure accounts. Nevertheless, if you want to stand out, you must validate your account due to the large number of fraudulent accounts that use this prefix.

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What to Do If Your Ideal Twitter Handle is Taken

Given the millions of people who use Twitter already, chances are likely that someone else already has your handle.

Don’t freak out if you can’t get to your dream handle. One way to get your Twitter handle is to request it from the person who owns it. As an alternative, file a complaint with Twitter if your company name is protected by a trademark.

As an alternative, distinguish yourself on Twitter by:

Including “HQ” or “Inc.” to show that you’re a professional.

Putting “the” before your Twitter handle.

If you are a verified Twitter user, start your post with something like “We Are” or “The Real.”

mentioning your sector. In order to distinguish their account on Twitter, many app developers add the word “app” at the end.

Including phrases like “Try,” “Use,” “Join,” or “Get” for businesses that prioritize providing services

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using phrases like “Community” or “Team,” such as “SproutSocialTeam.”

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