Twitch announces about clarifying to streamers on why they were banned

Twitch’s announced that from Monday onwards, the company shows the name and date of the content that violated platform rules while issuing a ban. As of now, it is not clear as Twitch has not specified the complete set of guidelines violating which will make a streamer banned.

It seems Twitch is not willing to provide the details of any violations of its policies. Previously it didn’t ban anyone for violating rules. However, with the latest announcements, streamers will be able to figure out what they did wrong. When a streamer is banned for violating a rule, he will be aware of his or her mistakes and would avoid repeating the same mistake in the future.

This new system is more specific than before. Previously, Twitch just listed this rule as been violated but for streamers, it was frustratingly vague as a single stream could consist of hours of content. Previously, the streamers were informed what exactly they did that crossed the line.

It is to be noted that in the past, Twitch has struggled with giving streamers clarity on content issues. Back in 2020, Twitch issued waves of DMCA takedown notices to content creators without giving any specific clarity on which videos are violating copyrights.

The company’s latest announcement is surely not a full solution but at least it is much clearer than the previous instances. The streamers will get a better understanding of their mistakes or why their account has been banned.

Sophia Williams
Sophia is a senior writer, who loves to write on entertainment, business, and other web stories.