Tom Sandoval Slams ‘Ridiculous’ Claims of An Open Relationship with Raquel While the Cast of ‘VPR’ Discusses His ‘Weird’ Ties to The Actress!

Tom Sandoval Slams 'Ridiculous' Claims of An Open Relationship with Raquel While the Cast of 'VPR' Discusses His 'Weird' Ties to The Actress!

On Wednesday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’ castmates began to suspect their relationship.

Lala Kent began Wednesday’s episode by asking co-star Katie Maloney, “Are you and Raquel returning?”

“Yes, I am able to forgive others. Katie responded, “Absolutely, but I’m attempting to maintain my distance.”

She continued in her confession, “I saw something in Raquel that made me want to pursue a companionship, but I don’t sleep with one eye open. I do not want to constantly have to guard my back. F— that.”

The women then discussed how Raquel, age 28, attended Lala’s birthday party uninvited to confess for calling her a mistress. This occurred within the context of the storyline surrounding Raquel’s relationship with Oliver Saunders, the eldest son of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Garcelle Beauvais, who was not completely divorced from his wife at the time they began dating.

Regarding Raquel’s intrusion into her party, Lala, age 32, said, “I had no problem with it because it was the greatest gift ever. When you see someone like Raquel entering the room after she has referred to you as her mistress, and then every article on the internet refers to her as a mistress. As if to say, ‘Welcome. Let’s discuss.'”

Tom Sandoval Slams 'Ridiculous' Claims of An Open Relationship with Raquel While the Cast of 'VPR' Discusses His 'Weird' Ties to The Actress!

This is what I was saying to Sandoval. Katie, age 36, elucidated: “She is obtaining it online.” “He’s like, ‘You seem like you’re relishing this?’ Yes. Is it enjoyable? Because she was making out with my not-yet-ex-husband a few weeks ago.”

She continued recalling how her conversation with Sandoval, 40, transpired: “And I was like, ‘You seem to enjoy her at The Abbey at 1:00 a.m., just the two of you.'”

“That is strange. Who viewed them? Ally?” Katie affirmed that it was Ally Lewber, the girlfriend of Raquel’s ex-boyfriend James Kennedy, who spotted them at the West Hollywood club following James’ See You Next Tuesday DJ performance at SUR.

Katie stated in an interview, “I don’t want to say that Sandoval would ever cheat on Ariana because I would have to kill him, but what caught my attention the most was that Tom and Raquel were alone.” “I’ve been friends with Sandoval for years, but I’ve never gone out dancing with him alone at 1 a.m.”

She then said of Raquel, “She herself has said that if she has too much to drink, she can’t regulate what she does. I’m not sure. Who’s to say?”

Raquel was also discussed by Ally and James, who remarked that she “has some balls” for attending Lala’s birthday party without an invitation.

Ally stated, “I did observe Katie conversing with Sandoval. I was a little uneasy because it appeared somewhat intense, so I believe she brought up our encounter with him at The Abbey with Raquel. So that’s awful.”

James then asked her what she said to Katie specifically. Ally responded, “I just told her how we went to The Abbey after See You Next Tuesday with a group and saw Raquel and Tom by themselves.”

She said of Katie, “She didn’t find it odd that Tom was at The Abbey, because he always is, but she did find it odd that he was alone with Raquel, and she clearly doesn’t trust her.”

She remarked something about ‘not having a lot of regulations.’ Ally added, “I don’t know what that means or what she meant by it.”

“That sounds to me like Katie is saying Tom and Ariana are in an open relationship,” said the 31-year-old DJ.

“Is that what you believe when Katie intimated there are no rules? You believe she’s in an open relationship?” Ally posed a query.

“Yeah, sorta. It’s like that time Lala hooked up with Ariana in the back of Tom’s vehicle,” James remarked, referring to the time Ariana Madix hooked up with Lala while he was driving many years ago.James then suggested that his girlfriend relay this information to their co-star and Ariana’s closest friend, Scheana Shay, who relayed it to Sandoval when they met on the beach.

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Tom Sandoval Slams 'Ridiculous' Claims of An Open Relationship with Raquel While the Cast of 'VPR' Discusses His 'Weird' Ties to The Actress!

Scheana told Sandoval, in reference to the conversation between Ally and Katie, “I guess they talked about how you guys all went to The Abbey the night before after SUR.” Raquel was with Sandoval on the dance floor or whatever, according to Ally. Katie then stated, “Raquel is now pursuing Sandoval.”

Sandoval, visibly angered by this, began, “It’s funny that you say that because the animosity towards Raquel is…”

Scheana completed his thought: “You’re going so far as to throw Tom and Ariana under the bus along with her?”

“Exactly. The effing Abbey! There, we know everyone. “I wouldn’t go there for a secret rendezvous,” Sandoval asserted.

In a confessional, Sandoval remarked, “It’s irritating that Katie would say such a thing. It is offensive not only to me but also to Ariana. Raquel and I did not dance intimately in a dark corner of a speakeasy. A group of us just visited The Abbey. Raquel and I are two of these individuals.

Scheana added, “People already say s— about your relationship, and it irritates me, but then she said you and Ariana – she may not have used the term – have an open relationship.”

The response from Sandoval was, “That is the most f—ing ridiculous f—ing thing ever.”

After moving from the shore to a nearby bar, Sandoval confronted Katie about allegedly spreading rumors that he and Ariana had an open relationship.

“Ariana is currently unhappy with you,” the bar proprietor informed her. Because Raquel and I visited The Abbey, this is presumably where our secret rendezvous will take place.

Lala interjected, “Ally mentioned how strange it is that she has both of you at The Abbey?”

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Tom Sandoval Slams 'Ridiculous' Claims of An Open Relationship with Raquel While the Cast of 'VPR' Discusses His 'Weird' Ties to The Actress!

Sandoval motioned for Ally to enter the room, whereupon Katie questioned her, “What did I say that led you to believe Tom and Ariana have an open relationship?”

After a brief back-and-forth regarding the details of their previous conversation, Ally clarified, “I said, ‘If it’s not public knowledge, they don’t care,'” which she recalled saying. I advised James. Those are the only terms I am willing to defend.”

However, Katie was perplexed as to what Ally meant by “public knowledge.”

She explained in her confessional, “I was attempting to explain that Tom and Ariana do not keep each other on a tether. In their relationship, they have no rules for one another, and my opinion of Raquel could not be lower at this juncture. If Tom and Ariana do have an open relationship, Ariana is completely unaware of it.

Then, Sandoval raised his voice and insulted the manner in which she managed the dissolution of her marriage to his best friend and business partner Tom Schwartz.

“You never accept responsibility, Katie!” he shouted. “Are you aware of the truth? When you and Schwartz ended your relationship, Schwartz would refer to it as “it happened.” I’m depressed. I’ve messed up here. I stunk up there. When you speak about it, you say, ‘I had no other option.’ I find it f—ing devastating.”

Katie disclosed in her confession, “Whenever Sandoval has any heat or pressure applied to him, this is his go-to strategy: just turn around and start saying, ‘Oh, what about you?'” You have no accountability for anything. It is merely highly manipulative.”

Tom continued to scream at her as he continued his tirade: “I constantly make errors. I f—ed up with Ariana, and I was like, ‘Dude, I f—ed up.’ You never state this. You never do such a thing. You cannot be with someone because of who you wish they were. You should be with them because of who they are. That’s the scoop.”

Sandoval smiled and denied that anything physical had ever occurred between him and Raquel when queried by a producer. “No. Nothing has transpired between myself and Raquel. “Absolutely nothing,” he said.

The news of Sandoval and Raquel’s extramarital affair eventually emerged in early March, and shortly thereafter, Ariana ended her nine-year relationship with the co-owner of Tom Tom. Both Sandoval and Raquel have apologized for their participation in the incident. All parties will discuss the aftermath of their affair during the Vanderpump Rules reunion.

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