Clay Walker Reveals that His Wife Miscarried Their Sixth Child at 20 Weeks: “Massive Heartache” (Exclusive)

Clay Walker Reveals that His Wife Miscarried Their Sixth Child at 20 Weeks: "Massive Heartache" (Exclusive)

Clay Walker is disclosing that his wife Jessica miscarried at 20 weeks pregnant, just a few weeks after the couple revealed they were expecting their sixth child.

The country musician, 53, has four sons—Christiaan, 2, Ezra, 5, Elijah, 10, and William,—and one daughter—Mary-Elizabeth, 13—with Jessica. “The whole family had been waiting for the baby and it was really, just a huge blow,” he said. Skylor and MaClay, two adult daughters from a prior relationship, are also his children.

The multi-platinum performer tells PEOPLE from his home in Texas, “We had her room ready, her clothes bought — everything, including her name, Eleanora Lindsey. “So, for my wife, it was and still is a nightmare. By the time we reached 20 weeks, the hardest portion had already been overcome. Five of our pregnancies were successful, leading to five healthy children. It’s hard.

The infant had not previously displayed any signs of distress. Walker says, “We saw her performing acrobats at the 13-week checkup.” She was so animated that we were both laughing so hard. And everything was just so flawless.

Clay Walker Reveals that His Wife Miscarried Their Sixth Child at 20 Weeks: "Massive Heartache" (Exclusive)

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The country singer, known for singles like “She Won’t Be Lonely Long” and “If I Could Make a Living,” knows it will take a long time to heal from such a heartbreaking loss, even if the pair has depended on their faith to get through this difficult time.

Walker, who has been married to Jessica, 40, for 15 years, says, “We’ve got a great friend group that’s been there for us, you know, a lot of prayers.” “And our home has seen a lot of internal praying. However, I could go on and on about this all day.

I really don’t know how mothers deal with that type of grief for the rest of their life, he says. It’s just so profound. And as a husband and a parent, it stinks that I can’t do anything to stop it or defend my wife or the child’s sentiments.

The singer continues, “Watching my wife go through that felt like we got run over by a train.” I have compassion for all ladies who have experienced miscarriages because they are losing a kid.

Walker, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1996, claims that he never asked God “why” after he received the diagnosis. You know, if I make it to paradise, my first inquiry will be, “Why did this have to happen to us? I am incapable of comprehending this, especially as the best mother in the world. She simply makes an effort to be the greatest wife and mother she can be. It’s unjust.

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