Teresa Admits that Excluding Melissa’s Family from Her Wedding to Louie Was “Not an Oversight” on “RHONJ”

Teresa Admits that Excluding Melissa's Family from Her Wedding to Louie Was "Not an Oversight" on "RHONJ."

Nothing beats a (near-last-minute) addition.

Teresa Giudice’s fiancé, Louie Ruelas, said on Tuesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey that he apologized to Melissa Gorga’s mother, Donna, for omitting her from the guest list, with only four weeks until their wedding.

In fact, he attempted to make amends by inviting Donna to the party while they were both at Melissa’s luau party on the Jersey Shore.

After Jennifer Fessler expressed surprise that Melissa’s family wasn’t included, Teresa responded, “No, that’s not an oversight.” “There is a history between us, so I’ll leave it at that.”

Teresa expounded on the “past” she was addressing in a confessional.

“Well, I guess I’ll be truthful,” she sighed. “I became busy, and I suppose they became envious. Now Melissa’s mother and sisters were commenting on social media about me. And I know that my mum would never post negative comments about someone on social media. I always maintained my distance after that. I admired them. I’ll forgive, but I never forget.”

Teresa Admits that Excluding Melissa's Family from Her Wedding to Louie Was "Not an Oversight" on "RHONJ."

Louie justified his decision to apologize to Donna at the party.

“I am not part of your 10-to-20-year history with them. I’m in the center, “Louie argued.

Teresa appeared to be convinced by her fiance to agree. Then, if you wish, you should invite her, she said.

Louie was ecstatic. He stated, “I would love to welcome Donna.”

Teresa stated in a second confessional “Do I wish Louie had discussed this with me before speaking with Donna? Of course. But I love Louie. I am aware that he is attempting to be a mediator. I only wish my brother had come to me so that this situation might have been averted. Nonetheless, my brother enjoys a good show.”

Jennifer Fessler applauded as Louie fled to locate Melissa’s mother. Unfortunately, he was ultimately unsuccessful because Donna had already departed before he could speak with her again.

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Earlier in the episode, immediately after arriving at Melissa’s luau party, Teresa was challenged with a different issue: her recent comments regarding Margaret Josephs being a “better friend than an opponent.”

Margaret stated to Teresa, “Teresa, Rachel, and Danielle informed me that you warned them about me.” Why would you say anything unpleasant about me if we’ve reconciled?

Teresa chose to overlook Margaret for the time being and instead focused on Rachel Fuda. “You are causing some conflict between me and Margaret. That is my impression, “She advised her.

“No. We were conversing, so I will be straightforward with her “Rachel elucidated. I’m simply relaying to her what you stated.

Rachel said in her candid that she does not “find a problem with repeating what was said,” however Teresa disclosed in her confessional that she is “just beginning to know Rachel” and that “this doesn’t really sit well with her.”

Teresa eventually focused her attention on Margaret at the gathering before defending herself. “I did not say anything negative; all I said was, “Don’t get on her wrong side; she’s merciless.” You have no difficulty eliminating them.”

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“Oh my god, Teresa. I would not warn somebody by stating, “Teresa could be violent.” That is somewhat twisted. It undermines my credibility “A frustrated Margaret responded. “You and I reconciled. I was on the Teresa train informing everyone that we’re doing well.”

“We are fine,” assured Teresa incredulously. “That is genuine. If someone accidentally pressed the wrong button on one of us, we would fight back. Do you not agree?”

Margaret deflated after a pause. “Yes,” she replied in assent. Traditionally, I have not committed such heinous acts against anyone.

Then, after Teresa made a face, both women chuckled (and successfully avoided yet another ugly, very public confrontation.)

Nevertheless, Danielle Cabral was not so fortunate. Jackie Goldschneider, a friend of the Housewives, spent her time at the party attempting to persuade the other ladies that Danielle’s explanation for why she no longer speaks to her brother was incomplete.

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Teresa Admits that Excluding Melissa's Family from Her Wedding to Louie Was "Not an Oversight" on "RHONJ."

Jackie told the other women, in reference to Danielle, “I see the nastiness in her.”

Meanwhile, Danielle was aware that she was being discussed. She started out, “I dislike hearing my name in conversations in which I am not involved.”

Melissa then approached Danielle, who was sitting alone with her husband, in an attempt to soothe her.

Melissa referred to the alienation in Danielle’s family when she remarked, “Joe and Teresa have had countless disputes over the years, but they’ve found a way to sort of bring it back together.”

Teresa Admits that Excluding Melissa's Family from Her Wedding to Louie Was "Not an Oversight" on "RHONJ."

Yet, Danielle was too enraged by the turmoil to remain.

“I’m f—-ing done. Let’s leave, “Danielle said as she left the party and walked to her van in front of Melissa’s house.

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