Emma Heming Willis Celebrates Her Anniversary with A Video of Her Renewal of Vows to Bruce Willis: “Seize All Opportunities”

Emma Heming Willis Celebrates Her Anniversary with A Video of Her Renewal of Vows to Bruce Willis: "Seize All Opportunities"

Emma Heming Willis recalls memories she has spent with Bruce Willis. The 44-year-old model and entrepreneur commemorated her and Bruce’s 14th wedding anniversary on Tuesday by posting a video montage of their 10-year vow renewal on Instagram.

Emma praised everyone who participated in the vow renewal, including Demi Moore, who served as the couple’s “videographer,” and Rumer and Scout Willis, who sang throughout the private ceremony. Emma stated that Bruce’s longtime friend Stephen Eads officiated both the 2009 wedding and 2019 vow renewal.

The video features the bride walking down the aisle with two flower girls before being received by Bruce and Eads. She then kisses Bruce before the family joins in the celebration. It concludes with two photographs of the combined family.

Emma commented, “For our 10th wedding anniversary, we chose to rekindle our vows in the same location where we said ‘I do’ in 2009.” “I’m really delighted we did.”

“Seize every opportunity to gather with family and friends and to celebrate. Those are the precious moments and memories that you will carry with you for the rest of your life “She wrote. And we get to preserve these memories secure and alive for those who may not be able to do so themselves.

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This commemorates the couple’s first wedding anniversary since Emma’s announcement. Bruce was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia at the age of 68.

The hero of Die Hard was initially diagnosed with aphasia last year, but after the condition worsened, he was given a more specific diagnosis last month, according to an Instagram post by Emma.

This is the second time on Tuesday that Emma has posted on the couple’s wedding anniversary.

Emma previously uploaded a photograph of a bouquet given to her by a friend as a “random act of kindness.”

“Today marks fourteen years of marriage to my greatest love. I awoke with a full heart, but all I could think about was yesterday’s gesture of compassion by another person “She started out in her caption. “I wanted to share because it motivated me to no end.”

Emma added in the caption that she had mentioned the couple’s anniversary to Juliya during a school event on Monday, and that Juliya delivered “this sweet bunch of flowers” at the Willis family’s door, “along with a letter that said Happy Anniversary, among other things.”

Emma said in the post, “That got me thinking about how difficult these types of’special events’ can be for carers.” “When the individual would ordinarily notice the occurrence, their changing brains prevent them from doing so. Indeed, this is the case.”

“Consequently, my point is this. If you know someone who is caring for another person, don’t ask what you can do; simply act “She continued. Really, this random act of kindness will stay with me for a very long time.

This past weekend, the Willis family celebrated Bruce’s 68th birthday. Bruce and Emma share Evelyn Penn, age 8, and Mabel Ray, age 10. He also shares custody of Rumer, 34, Scout, 31, and Tallulah Belle, 29, with Moore, 60.

Emma stated that he had the finest fun during his birthday party.

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