Samsung reportedly considering a new approach under-display camera for Galaxy Z Fold 3

Previously, it was reported that South Korean tech giant Samsung has been working on its next generation foldable smartphone under the Galaxy Fold series. The foldable handset has been named Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. Now, according to the latest news, it is almost confirmed that the device is going to come with an in display camera sensor.

A new report surfaced by none other than Ice Universe suggests that Samsung has opted to go with a different approach for implementation of under display camera technology.

On 4th June, @UniverseIce posted in Twitter “Fold3’s UPC transmittance is as high as 40%+, which is much higher than any other brand UPC solutions you have ever seen” and just yesterday, he posted “Although the light transmittance is high, which is close to the experience of ordinary cameras, its UPC appearance is not perfect. It looks like a mosaic. You should know which phone I’m talking about.”

Samsung will reportedly use an innovative technology that works by dividing the display into two portions. Apart from the main display, there will be a small area with a different pixel structure and lower resolution than the main screen that allows light to get to the camera sensor. Together, with these implementations, you will get an unbroken screen.

However, there are drawbacks of the design too. For example, the camera is visible on light backgrounds. It is to be noted that this is also found on ZTE Axon 20 5G. On contrary, on the positive side, the under-display camera sensor will have a higher light transmittance than the existing solutions. This will result in better image quality for the photos.

To know about further details, we have to wait at least till the launch event of the product. So far, the company has kept it a secret and the number of leaks regarding the same is also less than adequate. Since it is a pretty new technology and only a couple of companies have been able to launch it commercially, we expect some noteworthy developments in the coming months. We will follow up the news with related information as soon as something pops.

Michael Turner
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