Ray Liotta’s Daughter Honors Her Father at Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony: ‘I Feel Lucky to Call Him Dad’

Ray Liotta's Daughter Pays Tribute to Her Father at Walk of Fame Ceremony: 'I Lucked Out'

On Friday, Ray Liotta was the man in Hollywood.

The 2,749th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was posthumously awarded to the late actor, who passed away in May of last year at the age of 67.

At the unveiling, Taron Egerton, who most recently played Liotta’s son in the miniseries Black Bird, as well as members of Liotta’s family, including his 24-year-old daughter Karsen, who accepted the honor on her father’s behalf, as well as well-known collaborators like Elizabeth Banks, who directed Liotta in one of his final film performances in Cocaine Bear, and his family.

Karsen Was Overwhelmed by the Honor Given to Her Father

Ray Liotta's Daughter Pays Tribute to Her Father at Walk of Fame Ceremony: 'I Lucked Out'

On a chilly and rainy Los Angeles day, Karsen remarked, “Thank you so much, Dad, for this rain,” before receiving a letter from Goodfellas director Martin Scorsese praising Liotta’s portrayal in the movie and his acting abilities.

Karsen then paid her own respects by declaring: “I am extremely honored to accept this distinction on my father’s behalf. I am so proud of him. He was the finest friend, brother, and father anybody could have hoped for in addition to being a one-of-a-kind performer. I got lucky finding you.”

She declared, “You’re fortunate if Ray is in your life. I adore you a lot. I want to thank you for your effort and the impression you made on me and everyone else that cares about you. There should be a Ray in everyone’s life.”

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Former Colleagues Paid Tribute to Ray Liotta

Ray Liotta's Daughter Pays Tribute to Her Father at Walk of Fame Ceremony: 'I Lucked Out'

While he had just recently met Liotta, Egerton said that the time they had together was “extremely meaningful to me.”

“In all honesty, I was a little intimidated by Ray when I first met him, he said, adding that one quality in Ray that made him so amazing to see was his unmatched capacity for sensitivity and vulnerability. He first revealed this side of himself to me two years ago when I arrived on the Black Bird set to portray his son.”

Egerton praised Liotta for his role in his Black Bird moments, calling it some of his “greatest acting of my career.” He was a “unique artist” who put everything into his work, including all of his passion for our program, all of his enthusiasm, and all of his sensitivity. “Ray served as my greatest inspiration because he personified the ideal actor. Most significantly, he improved everyone in his vicinity.”

Banks claimed that she and Liotta developed a unique relationship while working on the 2011 movie The Details. She stated, “I always loved his acting, but I really liked him as a person. Despite being known for playing strong people, I thought he was endearing and a touch cheeky, which made him intriguing as a man and an actor, making him genuinely ideal for the role of Cocaine Bear.

Said she, “It’s a gift when an actor of Ray’s level confides in you as a director. Ray, though, offered me so much more. Because if you can direct Henry Hill, you can do f—-ing anything in this town, Ray’s respect for me as a director and as his supervisor on set meant the world to me. I am incredibly appreciative that Ray Liotta graced my life because I will always carry the assurance he provided me.”

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Now playing in cinemas is Cocaine Bear. Liotta’s Walk of Fame ceremony may be seen above.

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