AGT’ ‘s Nightbirde’s Family Honors Her with Album Release on Death Anniversary: A Fitting Tribute”

AGT' 's Nightbirde's Family Releases an Album of Her Work on Death Anniversary: She 'Would Be So Proud'

Nightbirde, a contestant on America’s Got Talent who garnered millions of admirers with her inventive songs before passing away on February 19, 2022, from breast cancer, will now have a body of work to honor and remember her.

The singer’s family and The Nightbirde Foundation released the 10-track album on Sunday to mark the first anniversary of her demise at the age of 31. The album’s title is taken from the singer’s “It’s Alright” AGT audition song.

The organization, which she and her brother Mitch Marczewski established to assist other women afflicted with breast cancer, will benefit from the album’s sales.

“We can’t wait to introduce the world to Jane’s debut album. Because of her candor and pleasure in the face of grief, her writing has touched the hearts of many “In a news statement, the foundation’s CEO, Marczewski, stated.

He went on, “This record demonstrates that joy may arise from grief rather than pitting these feelings against one another. More than anything, Jane would be happy with the work being done by the Nightbirde Foundation to assist people in finding hope and healing in the face of sorrow. She would be very proud of this record.”

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AGT' 's Nightbirde's Family Releases an Album of Her Work on Death Anniversary: She 'Would Be So Proud'

Each song was written by Nightbirde (actual name Jane Marczewski) when she was battling cancer, and according to a press release, they are “reflections of her bravery and the battle she was experiencing in her own words.”

The pop album is on side A of the record, while the stripped-down versions of the same songs are on side B of the album.

Nightbirde appeared in season 16 of the program, and during her audition, she revealed to the viewers “had some cancer in my lungs, spine, and liver, and I have a 2% chance of surviving, but 2% is not 0%, he said. I wish more people were aware of how fantastic two percent is.”

That season, she won Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer, which sent her right into the live shows. Her original song “It’s Alright” and narrative touched viewers’ hearts, earning her millions of YouTube views as well as streaming on music websites.

Yet a few weeks later, she announced on social media that she was withdrawing from the tournament because her health had “taken a turn for the worse” and she could no longer compete.

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As the season 16 finale of American Got Talent aired in September 2021, the artist published a lengthy Instagram post about her conflicting emotions and missing AGT.

It’s really tough for me to not be on the @agt stage for the finals this week, she continued. “Most likely, you have never witnessed someone lose so terribly while gaining so much at the same time. This wasn’t how the story was supposed to finish.”


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“I spend a lot of time trying to recall what I believe, counting my breaths in the bereavement cloud, and burying my face in God’s T-shirt. When He informed me the tale He created for me is excellent, I trusted Him. I also occasionally, and not always pleasantly, remind Him that He never stops thinking about me. She continued. “I must be a fool in love because, despite all of this chaos, I still have faith in Him. And He continues to remain even when I’m too angry to beg Him to stay on my bed with me till I fall asleep.”

“You and I are signing off on the risk of REBELLIOUSLY HOPING for brighter times right now,” the songwriter said. Let’s not ignore our own magnificence. Together with everyone else who needs to hate, grieve, and hopefully tonight, I’m doing just that.”

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