LG acquires new patent of foldable in-Car Display

LG acquires new patent of foldable in-Car Display
LG acquires new patent of foldable in-Car Display

Report from World Intellectual Property Office suggests that LG has acquired the patent of Foldable Car Display in their recent technical innovation.

LG has decided to provide their creative touch on the dashboard of cars with their latest technical innovation.

We already know that LG has shut down their smartphone business which existed since 1995. And they have focused more on Electronic Vehicles, IoT and more technical innovations.

LG has even launched their Foldable TVs in 2021 and now shift their focus to car dashboard display.

How LG has planned for foldable car infotainment display

In their latest technical innovation, LG will look to make their creative thoughts come alive inside Cars. Nowadays, dashboard of high-end cars has smart display which is also compatible with smartphones.

But the small screen makes displays look small and large screen eats up an amount of space on the dashboard.

LG acquires new patent of foldable in-Car Display
LG patents foldable infotainment display

Hence, to eradicate such problems, LG comes up with a idea of expanding the screen according to needs and requirements. The display will remain folded for short display and when needed, it unfolds from the back to show a bigger screen on the dashboard.

How do we see this innovation?

Although the reports from World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) didn’t inform about the technical specifications and physical dimensions.

However, we can assume that this innovation will help users decide their usage and make it work accordingly. The rollable and foldable car infotainment display will also protect the extra screen, when not in use.

The company certainly seems to be using similar technology with what they did in foldable Smart TVs. As this design is built for in-car display, the scope of adding more physical features will certainly be less due to other indefinite specifications of different cars.

But we can presume that LG will definitely use their creative ideas in their foldable infotainment display for cars to make it look the best for the Latest Generation.

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